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Accutane, Round 2... here we go again!

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I was on Accutane for 7 months.

I saw NO improvement until the final month or so. It was gradual.

By the time my course had ended, I felt as though I was cured.

Realisticaly, I'd say my skin was about 85/90%

It was completely manageable and I was content with things however. I felt very good and it was no longer a concern.

2 months later, I completely relapsed and my skin returned to the condition it had been in before. It was as though I'd never even taken the medication.

I was completely oily and had small pimples and bumps popping up all around my lower cheeks and as soon as one would dissapear, 2 more would pop up the next morning! It was really frustrating and I felt as though I didn't have any control.

I started a second course 2 months ago and since than, my skin has improved ten fold!

It's not near as perfect as it had been when I finnished my first course, but I felt like I had some control again and I wasn't as nervous about my skin. If I hate to rate it, it'd probably be somewhere around a 70%

The problem was, my derm wouldnt give me any refills and so I've been off Accutane for the past 5-6 days.

I was really worried about this, but managed to see another derm this morning and thankfully get a new prescription! So now I'm back on the medication and will probably continue for another 5 months or so.

But given how quickly I relapsed the first time, I'm very concerned about the lasting effects of this second course.

My derm told me that statistically, 8/10 people are cured the first time around with Accutane and never require another course.

That clearly wasn't the case with me. It seems that as soon as my skin finally cleared up, I had a few weeks of great skin and than it was right back to how it's always been.

My derm also said that he can't promise this will be the answer and I'll be cured after this second course, but he did say that it's the strongest opponent to acne and really the only option to explore.

So now I'm going through with this again and feel very good about it.

But want to know if anyone else has had to resort to multiple courses in such a short time span and what the chances are given my first results and when they became apparent and the short interm that they lasted, that this second time around will be an improvement?

Has anyone here gone through more than one course and has anyone NOT seen any results at all from Accutane, or very little?

I've had really rare exceptions in the past, prior to Accutane, where my skin would be good for up to 10 days... but I think that was about the longest I've ever gotten lucky. The absolute max.

This past summer, after the Accutane, I was good for about 6 weeks straight with the odd minor pimple here and there.

It couldn't have just been a streak of luck. I'm sure that means the Accutane DID work for about 2 months or so. It just didn't last...

So does anyone know statistically what my chances are the second time around, or what it sounds like the probability is from all that I described in this post?

PS - I should also mention that my new derm upped my does from 40mg, alternating between 1 & 2 capsules daily... to 40mg, 2 capsules every day.

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The best advice I can give you is to make sure you are taking the pill with a fatty meal (dairy, olive oil, avocado, hock, McDonald's would do it). Almost all the cases of people who had a relapse I know of are because the people didn't take the pill with a fatty meal. The absorption is decreased by 50% if you don't.

But I only took accutane for 1 5-month round, although my acne was moderate-severe.

Good luck!!!

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Thanks TG!

Its difficult to consistently follow since I never have any food in my house (college student!) and eat at different times every day.

I must admit, I've often just taken it with some soup or a couple of cookies or a small sandwich or something.

I'll try to be extra careful in this regard this time around.

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Hey TG about taking with fatty foods, would eating like 2-3 bowls of cereal with semi skimmed milk then taking it be ok? Coz I was told to take in the morning and have been on 2x 20mg a day for nearly a month with hardly any results and more breakouts.

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The directions say "take with food or milk".... so perhaps you can try a full glass of regular milk? That should not be too hard to come by. Or eat an ice cream sandwich!!!

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Really, would a full glass of milk be enough to do it because that would be great!

What are some examples of small, quick and easy snacks that are considered high in fat?

Something simple that I can take with me every day and eat before my pills?

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It's best to eat it with a full meal rather than a snack. The sorts of ingredients you should be focusing on are mono and poly unsaturated fats such as those in nuts, avocado, olive oil, etc.

How's about a large glass of whole milk with some crushed almonds, avocado slice and olive oil?

Accutane smoothie. :)

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I would love to go on accutane again. My only problem is I'm a year post my last accutane, and I still suffer from dry skin, achy joints, and dry eyes sometimes. I'm afraid a 2nd course will make this worse.

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