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Iv been taking roaccuntane 10 mg a day now for a week. Iv had mild/moderate acne before i started taking them a week ago and a become seriously bad with my spots. made my confidence of even alking outside this house go rite down.

Is ths normall to get Cysts and lots more spots on 1st 2 weeks?

There really red aswell.

Im fed up and im hoping accuntane is gonna do the trick soon enough.

anything i can do to take redness away? :(

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I went through the same thing, only worse. I had maybe 5-8 cysts on my face and within 2-3 days after starting accutane I went up to easily over 20 cysts. It's aweful, it sucks, I didn't want to go anywhere and even wouldn't let my husband see me. But within 2 weeks there was a massive improvement, and I'll be done week 5 tomorrow and I'm pretty much clear. I had really bad red scars from the IB that I got, and was worried at how long it would take for them to disappear, but now they're faded quite a bit and I hardly wear any makeup to cover them.

I guess patience and strength is the only thing I can recommend to you. I thought the first month would never end, but before I knew it, here I am. It was very hard at times, but the hope that the drug was working and that this might be my last/worst breakout for the rest of my life kept me going, and I made it through. Don't give up, a couple of weeks of your life is nothing compared to having the rest of your life back.

Good luck!

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Thx for the reply ,

Just so fustrating! 5 weeks untill my girlfriend has to move bck to england unless we can both afford to live which were trying. The whoe acne thing is gettin so far in my head that i dont wana leave the house and get a job but i really want to cause my girfriend wants to stay here with me nd get apartment. Just want my self to look half decnt before i go for more job interviews. :(

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