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To Dan or Experts. Am i allergic to bp?

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the thing that confused me is after using bp wash 5% for so long with retin a i developed HUGE pustules, that left quick but left HUGE redmarks, thus my face is a circus and it pains me to even look in a mirror, but then i did the "do nothing" and i got a lot of little pustules and my face was SO oily holy moly.

could you tell me if this is normal. I used BP wash 5% + retin a for months, at LEAST 12 like they say and it cleared me good i guess but my face never adjusted and was always red, like blotchy too. Then i got off that and decided derms are garbage after this little incident. They recommend me take that dioxcyclin antibiotics and after reading up i didnt want to risk it going away and coming back because i would seriously kill myself, i am clinically depressed, i coiuldnt handle that. So she gives me differin and benzaclin. i never used the differin because retin-a gave me the pustule problem and i know they are similar in the way they work so screw that, but i tried the benzaclin and i swear i got BURNED, BAD! It burned so bad after i put it on holy crap, my face was so red i couldnt even touch it. i couldnt even wash it all off as most got in my pores i guess. so i let it calm down and then a day or so later of leaving my face alone, i decided to put a LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT coating of benzaclin on. same THING HAPPENED! I BURNED HORRIBLE again. now i thought it was just the benzaclin not the bp, but i started your regimen dan and im stinging with the bp. now its not nearly as bad as with benzaclin but its there, it wouldnt be so bad if it didnt last for so long. i put it on at 7am in the morning and it lasts until i shower at 7pm at night basically. is that normal?

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