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Helloooooo dearies. I have a very large, and when I say large I mean LARGE problem. There is a zit the size of Mrs Buns right on my FAT FAT EXTREMELY OBESE ASS!!!! I dont know what to do, I canot even sit my fat ass down anyplace, because the zit gets irritated! Usually I have perfect wide skin. Where could this humungous ass zit have come from!? Please help me or I will be forced to sit upon each and every one of you extremely WIDE and OBESE people.

I was hoping that since you skanks who dont wash your faces battle zits every day (and lose) that you might be able to help me with the crater on my gigantic buns.

Now maybe I can help all of YOU hideous people. WASH YOUR FACES!!! USE CLEARISIL!!! THAS IT!!! You are obviously dirty, so you go out and buy medications for something that can be solved by using OXY!!! SUCK BUNS!!! IF YOU SUCK MY EVERLOVING BUNS, YOUR ACNE WILL BE CURED!!! HELP ME KILL MY BUN ZIT!!!!!!!!! SKANKS!!!!!!! biggrin.gif/ biggrin.gif/

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clearasil has been the answer this whole time?! jeez. you mean we've all been rubbing pig feces on our faces 2x a day for nothing!?

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