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jonsey 01

1 huge cyst every 4 - 6 weeks

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Male, 25. Moderate acne fluctuates: sometimes flares up, sometimes clear. Though, with remarkable consistency, I develop a big one - cystic - on the cheek, near the nose, once every 4-6 weeks. And half the time, it will return for round two about a week after the pain has subsided and size has diminished (i dont go for the cortizone shots...just bp and moisturizer).

Anybody else get this?

moderate acne began around 16, by 19 was on retin-A, and by 21 started getting the infrequently frequent cyst. Went back on Retin-A, then tazorac, then the BP regimen, then doxycyclin and now seriously tempted by isotretinoin...but resisting for obvious reasons.

Eat salads every day for lunch and, at worst, a subway club for dinner. Eat plenty of fruits and nuts, drink plenty of carrot juice and LOTS of water. little to no dairy. No cigarettes, no drugs, not too much alcohol. Minimal stress.

I used to be convinced the cysts were a reaction to the dehydrating effects of alcohol after a long night of drinking (as they would form after such occaisions), but as of late these behemoths have been congealing almost arbitrarily...leaving me quite puzzled and, once again, searching for another explanation. I have done a bit of research and am now debating whether it is a digestive issue or a hormonal issue and am trying a few natural products to counter these possible catalysts (copius amounts of green tea and saw palmetto for anti-androgen affects and acidopholous twice a day for digestive promotion), though I just recently began this diet so I have yet to discover if this isn't my cure.

Would be thrilled to hear any insight to this particular condition and would be more than happy to share more details of my trials and errors.

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Guest chesterfalls

Your condition sounds similar to mine, although mine isn't really cystic. I get 2 or 3 tiny spots for a week or so, then none for a week or 2 while they dry up... then some more spots... then clear... and the cycle continues :wall: Its been like that for about 2 years now...

My acne started and was at its worst at about age 23. I was getting the hard deep lumpy raised muthas which stick out like a sore thumb and take ages to go..

Now at 26, with a combination of oral Doxycycline, topical Clindamycin and mostly organic washing products its just about bearable... not ideal, but bearable. :doubt:

Good luck!

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Hiya, I get this too alwyas on my nose, a bit more frequent, but would be totally clear sometimes (clear now have started on Accutane which I'm half way through). Out of interest do those who get this suffer from a fair amount of oil as well?

I get the impression topical solutions just don't play any part in helping with deep cysts like these, and for me accutane is the only thing that has had any impact so far.

Have never managed to control it via other means, diet etc, but its always so hard to tell as you need to give anything a long time before knowing.

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Though I'm quite a bit older than you, I can relate to your condition. I was also getting large cysts at about the same frequency, with occassional smaller outbreaks. When I say large, I mean that some of them were bright red and the size of a half dollar, with swelling that extended well past the red areas. The nose and front of face were my most common problem areas, though I also was getting them on the chin last Fall and Winter.

My skin was extremely oily, and I knew that was at least part of the problem. I was never able to associate the cysts with diet, stress, etc. I tried every topical and oral solution under the sun.

I finally gave in and took a course of Accutane from Dec to May 2006. I had my last large cyst in January, and only very small pimples after February. I've been nearly 100% clear since then, and I've been off Accutane for 4 months. I'd do it again 100 times if I had to. Read my log for more details.

Best wishes to you!


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thanks everybody for your replies so far. P&W, I just read your log. It sounds like you had extremely oily skin. I do not believe mine is that bad. My skin is usually ready for a wipe down around 1 in the afternoon, and even then it barely leaves much of a stain on the tissue or toilet paper i use. I have a few questions for you if you happen to check this log again:

1 about how many years in total were you developing the cysts (prior to accutane)?

2 how often would you develop a cyst?

3 is your skin now as oily after accutane?

4 any side effects post-accutane?

5 did the doc ever suggest any internal problem as a root of the cause for your acne?

much obliged,


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