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I got the same problem here in Germany. All the tretinoin products are much too harsh and Retin A Micro seems to be a good solution. I also emailed OrthoNeutrogena (the producer), where or perhaps when to get it here. I keep you up-to-date when/if they answer.



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shiny - no, retin-a MICRO is not available here - I went to a chemist and they tried to locate it and said deff can't buy in the UK.

The best you can get is ISOTREX gel - it's the same as retin-a and is .05

Your GP can give you a prescription.

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Thanks for the replies Maya and Sparky.

I'm already using the isotrex but I can't tolerate more than 2 hours/night.

I know that retin a micro is time released so hopefully I can leave it on all night (that's if I can get hold of some)! Oh and it's alcohol free.

Let me know if you have any luck Sparky.

I've checked on the Internet and they only sell the 0.1% which is too strong for me. Can you believe how much they charge -79 pounds ( don't have a pound sign on this keyboard) for a 30g tube! On the American sites the average is $129. God it must be good!!

Perhaps I should consider the Nucelle mandelic acid range? I've ordered the mandelic acid serum but maybe I should get the whole range for the price of 1 tube of retin A micro?

I'll probably be going to the US in 3 weeks but I don't think I can afford to spend all that money on one little tube of cream. Perhaps it's cheaper if you go to a derm in the US?

Any Americans here who can answer the last question?

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Try eBay

I've got myself a retin-a micro 0.1% from eBay, someone was selling it for just US$70 but it expires on Feb/04..

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