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It's Hopeless.

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I can't stand this *bleep* anymore. I dont know what to do.... ive quit the regimen because my face was always red and oily, and i had no acne. Then a week later my acne comes back and i have no red skin and its not nearly as oily when i was on the regimen. What should I do? Im giving up hope.

Ive been on the Regimen since July, quit mid august, and now ive started it back up (2nd week.)

If i burn my skin using bp, then so be it. All the other medications in the world wont help me anyway, so looks like im stuck doing this.

How do you get a clear face again? I found old pictures of what i looked like back in the 6th grade. i had two pimples on my cheeks... and that was it. I nearly passed out in awe. Now my face is red, irritated like hell and I absolutely hate moisturizer (but i still use it anyway)

Meds and other totally useless *bleep* ive used:

everything over the counter that claims it works (insert random name of item here)

differin gel (sucks, too overdrying)

retin-a (thought i was going to peel my face off)

Tetracycline (bumblebee pill never worked.)

Doxycycline (just as useless as tetracycline...)

Never used B5 or anything that is incredibly expensive. I dont have that much money, but im willing to give up everything ive ever owned to have a clear face. Life matters that much.

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I think you might be a guy but if not, you can try Yasmin birth control pill. Works for me. You might want to also try the Clean and Clear products, the first wash with SA in it and the second with BP in it. There are messages on that subject in the "over the counter medications" section of this forum. Good luck! sad.gif

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Try using a salicylic wash in the morning followed by a glycolic wash (ala the acne cure) then an AHA moisturizer.

At night use the salicylic wash, then rub in the bp, add mositurizer and leave all night.

The bp all day & night was to much for my skin so I took 1/2 acne cure and 1/2 Dan's regimen and my skin looks great. I'm in week 10/11 and no more breakouts of any kind.

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i've been on the regiment since mid july and i just started to clear up 2-3 wks ago.. just give it lots of time. everyone is different with this regimen

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