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I'm a bit curious, because I've heard some people mention that this is more effective for treating red marks and clogged pores than benzoyl peroxide? I've been using the regimen for a little over a year, and while it keeps my acne down, it doesn't do a lot of the red marks.

Long before using the regimen here, I used to use a Neutrogena SA face wash, followed by using the BP, and that seemed to do the trick back then. When I learned that combining the two is a bad idea, I stopped, and switched to the current regimen. However, I never had such a problem with red marks back then, and I'm wondering if I should take a chance hoping I've outgrown acne enough to switch to a treatment geared towards clearing up the remains of it.

BUT.. the fact that I don't really have too much acne anymore could entirely be related to the regimen, and I'm sort of afraid to stop to test anything else.

What's the general consensus on salicylic acid?

EDIT - Heh, I would argue that my skin was probably a bit better overall when I was doing that than the current regimen, but that could've also been the antibiotics I was taking in conjunction at the time. I'm just resistant to change, especially when dealing with something like acne. One of the only things the scientific community can effectively agree on for treating acne is to find one thing that works, and stick with it.

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there is no "real" reason not to mix SA and BP. what i mean is there's no chemical reaction or anything between the two. the main concern is that it will overdry or irritate the skin.

if you are able to tolerate both, it is more effective than using either product alone.

salicylic acid also has anti-inflammitory properties. you may have heard that salicylic acid and aspirin have the same base. aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid. so SA would be better at reducing and getting rid of redness than BP. also, you may want to try supplementing with zinc. zinc is one of the best (if not the best) supplement that you can take for acne. it has been proven to reduce acne over 12 week trials. if you decide that, make sure you take the optizinc or l-optizinc forms. these are the best available and are much better than typical zinc forms such as gluconate, picolinate, etc. zinc will also help your existing marks to heal much faster than normal.

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The acne cure calls for a salicylic acid wash then the bp. I have been doing it for several weeks and have no red marks- even some of my sun damaged skin looks better. I'd go back to it if I were you.

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