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I'm just a bit curious here.. do antibiotics prevent acne from otherwise going away on its own? The reason I'm inquiring is because I took erythromyicin (sp?) for about six months about two years ago. The results were pretty good in my opinion, but the problem was, when I was finished with the course of the antibiotic, my acne came right back, arguably worse than it had been before I was taking it. Now, I don't rightly claim to know how acne works (nor does anyone else.. not factually anyway) but it seems like if you're using something to prevent it from occuring, it almost tries to "make up for it" when you're no longer protected against it. So I'm not sure if the acne I got after the antibiotics were finished was related to taking the medication, or if it was just coincidence, and I would've gotten it anyway.

Right now, I'm 20 years old.. I'll be 21 in January, and I'm hoping that I might finally be at the tail-end of this whole acne thing. My acne isn't severe by any means, and probably very light in the opinions of everyone else. On average, I get about one or two spots around my chin and that'll be it. However, my biggest concerns are with the red marks left behind. I've had *huge* (not cystic) zits on other parts of my face that'll go away in a day, and in a few days you won't ever be able to tell they were there. However, the areas around my lower mouth just seem to stay red forever. Months after I'll get a zit, I'll have a red mark left over from it. The problem is, despite many OTC products, and using the regimen from this site for over a year, I continue to get pimples in the same small area of my face, which makes it almost impossible for the red marks to get a chance to disappear.

I've also a bit of acne on my chest and back, again, not even moderate, but enough to make me extremely self-conscious. (I'm exceedingly fair-skinned, so acne anywhere tends to stand out about 100 times more than it would on anyone else..)

To summarize, my acne in general seems to be improving with time. I no longer get it in many of the areas that I used to, but it doesn't seem like OTC products are going to be enough to get rid of it completely, and to be quite frank, I'm tired of it. smile.gif I'm strongly considering asking my doctor to put me on another antibiotic, and hopefully that'll be enough to do the trick. I know that antibiotics aren't a cure, and only work while you're taking them, but I think the idea is to clear you up while you're on them, and by the time the course is over with, you'll have outgrown the acne or something. At least that's what I'm hoping, given my age. My concern is that the acne might return, worse, when I've finished taking them.. thus potentially causing me to have acne even more severely, and for longer than I naturally should..

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