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ok heres what happened

three days ago i felt my skin gettin better, i dunno y but i just FELT it was healing

next day i noticed less oiliness and some black heads going and red marks fading

the 3rd day i noticed even less oil, and early all the inflamation has gone down too, and i can see that the acne bacteria under the skin is dying, as the redness is fading and oil getting less and less

also, my skin has been sort of shedding for the last few days

my skin is looking better by the day and i get at least one less spot every day.. right now i have 2 spots that are drying up pretty fast and i cant see or feel any more coming up. fingers crossed

usually my face used to get SOOOO oily after about 15 minutes of washing it.. now i hardly have any oil all day, i mean i do have oil but sooo little

my face hasnt been lookin so good in years

and im not using anythin on my fae, just 2% sylicilic face wash, thats it

i dunno whats going on

what do u think this could be ??????????

im 21 by the way!!

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Reread it. So you're only using 2% sylicilic face wash. Wow. Maybe you really are outgrowing it or pessimisticly you are in the peak of your cycle. :-k

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A lot of people have cycles with their acne for a period of time, a month or 6 weeks-it depends on the person. What I meant was that you could be at the peak, when things are clear. The bad thing though is that the only place to go from the top is down. sad.gif

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For those of you who have outgrown their acne, which part of your body cleared first? I never had really bad acne on my back, but now it is 99% clear all the time. I still get zits on my face, so I was just wondering if my body finally may be balancing out, since my back is clear. I'm 22, so I'm really hoping that I can get over having to apply bp to stay somewhat clear. So if anyone knows which body part clears before the rest, I would appreciate any advice.

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Interesting. Seems me and you have been going threw the samething(minus the skin peeling). I have been using a 2% sylicilic acid face wash 3 times a day(morning/after school/night) for the past two weeks. When I first started using it my face would dry out horribly. After using it for two weeks my skin isnt as nearly dry as it used to be after washing it. Thats even after not washing my face for 8 hours and working out for an hour. And my face is improving nicely too. Even with just the 2% sylicilic wash.

Btw mine is called Oxy Balance.

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I read somewhere that acne kinda moves down your face. Some people have said that the last place they have acne is around their chin. But that isn't everyone...

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