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My Accutane Experience - PICS/ADVICE :(

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Wish I took more pics but I was embarrassed:


user posted image

user posted image


user posted image

-- About Antibiotics with Accutane --

There are many side-effects of Accutane that nobody knows of, let alone possibly many more if using it with powerful antibiotics. All the cyclines are derivatives of Tetraycline. They're in the same family. Tetracycline has devestating side-effects that I won't go into, so just remember as a rule-of-thumb to never take it during your course. Since Tetracycline has side-effects, I'm sure the "family" can't be ruled out, but nothing has been mentioned about others antibiotics. Keep in mind the stress on your liver and stomach would be very harsh with any antibiotic.

I'd suggest to try to take PREDNISONE for a week before an Accutane course, and maybe a few days into their course. Prednisone relieves inflammation, therefore the initial breakout won't be so drastic.

Otherwise, to take Amoxicilan (not in the cycline family) for a week or two before their course, and maybe a few days into their course. Bacteria reduction may have significant effects on the initial breakout as well. Anyways, off to what I did:

------What I Used------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Some people go through the trouble of washing their face, but what's the point of you're washing it with dirty hands?

HINT: Wash your hands with your face-cleanser for 30seconds before touching your face...IT'S WORTH IT!


1.Shower, splash warm water on face every few seconds *warm water is essential for shaving: softens hair bristles = no irritation/closer shave*

2.Shave with electric razor

3.Wash with Cetaphil Gentle Moisturizing Cleansing bar

4. Spread a thin layer of Fruit of the Earth's Aloe Vera 100% Gel (found at rite-aid) over the infected areas (my whole face sad.gif) *STOPPED in 2mo.*


1. Splash warm water on face for about 30seconds, then 2 splashes of cold water

2. Apply Aloe Vera to active pimples only *STOPPED*


1. Shower

2. Wash with Cetaphil Gentle Moisturizing Cleansing bar

4. Spread a semi-thin layer of Fruit of the Earth's Aloe Vera 100% Gel (found at rite-aid) over the infected areas (my whole face sad.gif) *STOPPED*

I apply moisturizer at least twice a week, or when needed (For my face, usually everyday)

You may or may not get an initial breakout - but if you do, remember it subsides very quickly so don't get down on yourself!

Best thing you can ever buy for your lips -- medicated blistex lip ointment -- comes in a box and is a push-tube. all other chapsticks prevent chapped lips, this one actually heals those bad boys.

A great Accutane awareness site:


----------AND WE'RE OFF!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


My acne use to be pretty bad. I've been able to control it with anti-biotic and topical creams...but finally ran out of hope...

I get 1-3 cysts a week. Maybe 1 out of the 3 are quite a problem. All my other acne comes up to the surface within a day. Probably 1-3 new whiteheads a day as well (depending)...

I'm a male and shave everyday

So I went to the doc and got myself 40mg a day (20mgtwice a day)prescription of AMNESTEEM

----------WEEK 1-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Didn't notice anything the first few days. Around the end of the week - day 6/7 my lips started getting dry.

Side-effects/Acne Status

-Acne stays same - small breakout

-Lips are beginning to chap

----------WEEK 2-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Acne has cleared up a little bit. All the gunk is coming to the surface, it's pretty nasty. You know when you take your fingernail and scratch your tooth you get plaque sediments? If i scratched my face in the shower i get bacteria all over my fingernails. So it's safe to say it's probably working

Ahhh day 2 of week 2 i got a nosebleed is was pretty bad. I was just chillin doing some homework, wiped my nose with my hand BLOOD...then drip drip drip spewing out - ran to get some tissues...Yay math book is bloody!

------Side effects/Acne Status-------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Bloody nose

-Lips are getting super chapped, applying chapstick every 1-2hours

-Face is getting dryer


-Small back pains

-Acne has cleared up a little (plz don't jinx me:( ) - gunk is coming to the surface

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almost through second week. i guess i got my initial breakout today sad.gif

super stressed out and i'm on the edge all the time. I can't control my anger. Either i'm really angry or really sad.

My lips are dry

Face is dry/red

Eyes are dry


back hurts

legs hurt


Rule of thumb: Only squeeze once.

If you insist on popping, make sure there is a whitehead, or give it some time to tender up (ladder of the two not recommended if you scar).

It's much better to pick your pimples with some type of pin.

#1 Make sure you sanitize your PIN with rubbing alcohol or under a flame.

#2 Dampen the pimple with warm water for about 2 minutes

#3 Gently prick the center (or pull out a hair if one is in the center)

#4 Gently squeeze with a paper towel until white puss comes out followed by clear liquid/blood comes. Don't keep squeezing if the liquid/blood comes out first. Try squeezing only ONCE and not viciously -- it's not worth it. If you can't get it all, it'll ripen in a few hours.

#5 Wash with damp towel to prevent more bacteria spreading

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------WEEK 3--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ha, a few days ago (4) i thought i got my initial breakout. YA RIGHT. Yesterday I woke up and my face WAS [email protected]@ Cysts and whiteheads EVERYWHERE...Prob around 10-20 of 'em. I have to shave everyday, I CAN'T. This is my second day of not shaving. Pimples are finally starting to heal - i think? Some cysts are still boiling underneath my skin ;(

I'm off benzamycin - it made me too red...Now am using Erythromycin pads.

I really hope the upcoming weeks aren't going to be like this. I can't look at myself in light mirriors. Everyone is asking if i'm okay (i look weird cus i haven't shaved + scabs/pimples everywhere)


------Week 3 UPDATE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Forhead looks like Mt.Everest. Red and grrrrrrr

Face is scabbing/healing

Might be clear at the end of the week? I hope SO ! Plz don't jinx

plzlpzpzlpplzlpz be all uphill from here [-o<

------Side effects/Acne Status-------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Lots of whiteheads/cysts(die cysts die)

-No more bloody noses!!

-dry skin (not as bad, cus i'm off benzamycin now)

-dry lips

-dry eyes

-back pains are calming down

-little dehydrated

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------DAY 21/WEEK 3-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I'm have 2 more days left of week 3. My skin is so unpredictable. I woke up with manymany pimples this morning - another breakout. How many initial breakouts will i have? sad.gif

What all I ever dream about at night is acne. I dream about picking off one last scab on my face (which would really be there) and having clear skin (even though when i wake up it's the total opposite). I even dream about talking to people about acne. Or looking in the mirror and one of my cysts magicly disappeared. What's going on??

------Side effects/Acne Status-------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Side-effects in general have calmed down

-No more nosebleeds, but when I blow my nose there's blood

-Dry Skin


-Chapped lips (peeling a little)

-Mood swings


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Hello (-:

good luck with the Accutane mate, the skin will be clear soon enough..keep it up.

I start Roaccutane soon also (it's called Roaccutane in the UK).

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------DAY 25/WEEK 4-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Couple new pimples...they heal really quickly though.

My face is pink and it's not cool - i look weird...

I really want to go to a TANNING SALON - will this make it much worse or gradually better?!?!?!??! PLEASE HELP!

------Side effects/Acne Status-------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Side-effects in general have calmed down

-No more nosebleeds, but when I blow my nose there's blood

-Dry Skin


-Chapped lips (peeling a little)

-Occasional breakouts - heal quickly

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I wouldn't try going to a tanning salon or anything like that.. I think it specifically says not to do this in the leaflet (well it does on the one I got with my Roaccutane q-: ).

What's this Aloe Vera gel you mention in another thread? Because i'm also on (Ro)Accutante, I can't use things like BP or a lot of things with chemicals in. The only thing I do is use soap and moisturise.

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Yeah I can't use BP either...Aloe Vera seems to dry out my pimples very well! My skin isn't *THAT* dry because it used to be very very oily - honestly i was the oilest person in my school hah.

Well this is what i do:



Shave w/ Electric Razor

Wash with cetaphil

Apply 100% Aloe-Vera to active pimples (also helps healing)

Apply moisturizer



Wash with cetaphil

Apply thinthin layer of 100% aloe-vera on face.

Moisturize if needed

You live in the UK? I'm not sure where you can get it there. I bought mine from a Rite-Aid. It's called "Fruit of the Earth's 100% Aloe Vera"

On of the bottle it even says to try it on blemishes...Hehe

It's also helped my redness, but make sure you don't use too much - as it will dry you out.

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----------WEEK 5-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Today is the end of week 4! I went to my doctor for blood tests/etc, he recommended that i stayed on the same dosage, even though i wanted it raised....Hey but I'm glad that i'm on the same dose now - because the less dose for the longer period of time = less side-effects eh?

Weee. But I'm still getting breakouts like i did before accutane sad.gif They seem to heal very quickly though. But what's cool is that I only popped two pimples this morning. Have about 15 healing ones - 5 which are noticable. Ahhh, I hate acne on my cheeks and around my mouth err! Especially right above your lip (just peeled 1 scab off, waiting for other to ripen). I seem to scab super easily...Pop 'n Scab - even whiteheads. Before, if i walked to class my face would oil up like a mofo, but now i'm fine ehehehhhe

------Side effects/Acne Status-------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Seemed to have calmed down

-Carry chapstick everywhere, apply every hour or two

-Dry face/skin

-Little pink

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hiya hun

Just been reading your through your diary..

Abit ov advice i will make is DONT use the sunbed's - even if your arnt sensitive to the sun in general your skin is highly sensitive whilst on ro-acctane and your pinkness will turn to redness.. its also stated in the leaflet not to do so as said by dulux.

Im on my 11th day of ro-accutane the first few days i did suffer with redness. Ive now come to realise why i dont now...

Products i was using.. ive always used what i thought to be natural like tea tree washes etc but when i ran out and was going on my monthly shop to re-buy.

My wise old dear quoted what my doc/derm had said about using none-purfumed soaps etc as the skin is highly sensitive.

So i brought all "simple"- is the brand name products

I use the shower gel / bath cream / and hydrating moisturiser cream and thats it

Its only now writing this that the penny has dropped why im no longer red!! - the slightest ingredient can iratate your skin its that sensitive.

Im not sure of some of the products your using but id have a re-think on what your using??

Anyway Good luck with your treatment hun and i hope ive helped a lil smile.gif

O and dulux... you can buy aloe vera gels etc from Holland and Barret shops over here

- Rachel

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Accutane is a very different experience for everyone. I'm about a week into my 5th month and I've finally started clearing up (still got a nasty one on the right side of my face though). You just gotta stick it through the hard parts. Some people are lucky and see results earlier.

Also drink a lot of water. It's probably a coincidence but I noticed my skin getting better (less bumpy below the surface) right about when I started drinking a ton of water.

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Thanks for the post Rachel and Doggy. Rachel, the "Simple" brand name products? Whao never heard of them before. The Shower Gel is a facial cleanser? I'll look for those products, but i'm scared to change my regime (even though it doesn't work too well). Where can I find 'em?

Doggy: I'm glad your acne is starting to clear up. I really hope i don't need to go through 5months of this. I'm a little past a month and can hardly take it anymore. Good luck with your situation

Keep posting guys, i really really love reading your posts

----------WEEK 6----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Today is the end of week 5. water water water, i drink tons of water! In fact, the only other drink i've had for about 3months was the Snapple this morning. AHHH! I had another breakout this weekend - it's horrible ;(. They're all cysts that you know will pop, but take forever to heal, I'm so sad everything is going wrong for me - it'd be so much better and i'd have so much more confidence with a clear face...It's so hard to walk around with lumps/scabs everywhere. I weigh 160 lbs, and take 40mg a day. I may ask my derm to raise my dose. I've been taking my morning pill with as much food i can get my hands on (usually 2 pop-tarts). I've decided to now take the morning pill @ lunch instead, so more will be absorbed. The only good news is that my back has cleared considerably. I only have 1 or 2 active pimple (i think) as opposed to 15+ !! I really want my face to start clearing up ASAP, it's taking a huge toll on me. Will i see improvement soon? sad.gif

------Side effects/Acne Status-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lips are really chapped, peeling

Face is dry

Body skin is shedding

Eyes are dry

Red/Pink face? Kinda looks like a sunburn/tan (better than all pink :-o)

I haven't been seeing too well at nighttime - but i'm sure i'm just blaming it on the Accutane - even though it's probably the same as before

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Pictures of the first day of week 6 are below:


If you enlarge them, you can get a better view. But as a precaution, I wouldn't recommend it - as you might be frightened for life :/



No one make fun of me sad.gif This is only the right side of my face - the left is about the same - with a few scars.

As you can see my face is pink, it hides a lot of the pimples which is good? I think i have 2 more indented scars on my left cheek which isn't cool - it's too early to tell though sad.gif and i popped 2 blackheads on my nose and have two little ice picks which aren't major (maybe will heal?)

I have a lot of cysts, this is mainly around my mouth/jawline/cheeks...

My most prone area before was my cheeks and directly to the right of my nose. (which are considerably clearer now).

I have 2 or 3 pimples on my forehead.

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don't panic alot of ppl break-out 3-4 months into treatment! If you're breaking out Accutane is working you will be clear the bad thing is though the relapse rate on Accutane is quite high especially for people with very oily skin.

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Skin was clearing, had another breakout...Not looking too good. Side effects remain the same. I don't scar very easily, which i'm truly grateful for. But it appears as if two scars have joined together. They're under the skin as well. Does anyone have any suggestions for when i get off of accutane? sad.gif They're located about an inch to the left of my nose (pointy part above nostrils)...Lame

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If your gona look for um there usually in a white or clear bottle with green writing on.. Just called "Simple"

The shower gel i use isn't a facial cleanser or owt just a body wash like n just use that on my face aswell, Got 100% soap free.. dermatologically approved... not purfumed.. not coloured contains vits b5.. A's etc wrote on the product bottles.

Just basically designed for sensitive skin which bhoy ive got at moment #-o

There's loadsa products on offer from the soap to facial masks etc..

Even says the soap's 100% soap free if that meks sense??? :-k

Worth a try hun... carnt harm you but as we know diferent thingz work better for diff peeps dont they.


Been reading your diary again.. pre-paring myself for what else is in store i guess. Sounds thou your doing well thou smile.gif we'll all have the ups and downs but keep your chin up and try your hardest not to let it get you down.

My 3rd week this week, clearing well smile.gif (touch wood) Had initial breakout now i think sad.gif which iz clearing also.

Misplaced my vaselene yesturday thou n being laxy daisy as i am went day without it... Woke up this morning wiv what look like implants! arrrrgghh. :lol:

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----------WEEK 7--------------------------------------------------------------------------

W0ot. The weeks are flying by...Kinda! My skin seems to be looking a lot better, but it's very very unpredictable and i can't make assumptions. My skin is pretty dry, I've been moisturizing quite often.

Things I changed in Regime:

-Using Cetaphil Moisturizer Lotion

-Only using Aloe Vera on active pimples...If needed

------Side effects/Acne Status------------------------------------------------------------

-Eyes are super dry, using artificial Bion Tears & Rite-Aid eyedrops

-Dry skin, everywhere

-Chapped lips

-Nose seems to be doing better

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Err i have a few scars. I was wondering if anyone had scars treated after taking accutane. I have a new scar which is about half and inch long (two joined together) and probably 1/4th of an inch wide. It's LAAME! I have a few icepicks and rolling scars as well. Anyone had a subcision?

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----------WEEK 8---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I spoke too soon :/ I'm almost done with week 7 and will get my prescription refilled. Hopefully this week I will see some improvements. No one is really reading these posts, so I guess it's for myself now sad.gif

------Side effects/Acne Status-------------------------------------------------------------

Listed from WORST to BEST

-Still breaking out

-Dry eyes

-Chapped Lips

-Weak muscles? hehhe I had trouble picking up my backpack

-Dry Skin

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dude, keep it up.. i'm still reading.

I'm having the same thing as you with still breaking out on accutane. I'm on about week 5 and my face is getting worse now.. it's getting me down because everyone else on accutane here is like 'wow, my face is clear after 0.000064396981222 seconds on accutane'.

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Thanks for the posts inbloom and delux! You guys are what helps me keep going! Delux, hey..my 5th week i was the same as you. I know you think you're acne is the worst case and will take forever to start seeing improvements - mine was the same! You'll have a few bad breakouts, but after that you're skin will be a little better. If you're like me. I still have breakouts...often...but they heal really quickly, so it's not bad!

----------WEEK 8 UPDATE/DAY 50!--------------------------------------------------------

Well I went to the doc early in the week, because I won't be at my college during thanksgiving and will run out of pills! So he's putting me on a higher dose (it'll be cheaper, cus for less months). So this is the deal:

2x40mg = 80mg one day

1x40mg = 40mg the next

And I'll be switching on and off, every other day. I think it's a good idea. The only thing is that i'm going to run out a week's supply over winter break! Blahhh! He said it's okay and it won't really affect me...So I hope he's right sad.gif I might forfeit pills here and there so i have enough for at least 3 a week for that week.

------Status (From Worst/Best):-----------------------------------------------------------

-Still breaking out

-Dry eyes/Dry Face

-Dry skin

-Little muscle pains


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what happened to your lips?

try and fix them, they are in pretty bad shape...

first off, stop licking them, it makes them worse.

take a dry toothbrush and start scraping the lips so get all that dry skin off.

then before you go out wet your lips with water and then apply a lot of chapstick, and carry around a chapstick with you all day, and apply it constantly. i am always putting on chapstick so keep my lips from drying up.

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