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questions about laser and excision

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I have two patches (about 2cm x 3cm) on my face that I would like to have work done on and am considering lasers. I have seen quotes for up to $5000 (canadian) for treatment of the full face, but I only have a small area I want worked on. I would think (logically, percentage wise) this should only cost about $500, but am unsure about the pricing structure for such a thing. Is price calculated solely on the area worked on, or is there a minimum? Somehow i expect to be charged something like $1500 regardless of how small the area being worked on is. Also, I would appreciate any feedback on excisions. I have a few scars I think might benefit from excision, but I am unsure about the limits of this procedure. Is there a size of scar (mine are not really all that big, no more than 5mm in width) that they won't use excision for? For something that size (5mm) how complete can i expect it to heal (how big a scar would remain)?

Lastly, has anyone had any experience (positive/negative) with doctors in the toronto area and does anyone know how long i should expect to wait to have these kind of procedures done? I know that was a lot, but there a few things i've had on my mind for a while.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my long post.. smile.gif

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