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Do Nothing Approach results + regimen

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ok, so i tried the do nothing approach. i was on retin-a and bp wash and i didnt realize how good my skin looked, instead i was pissed about the redmarks, although the retin a exploded my skin with HUGE pustules i never got before. so i decided i would just wash with water, no cleanser, soap, meds, topicals nothing but good old h2o. at first the redness from the old meds wore off and my complexion looked better i couldnt believe the change. it seemed like acne wasnt coming back and then one day i got one zit. then two more. then three, and you get the picture. the worst part is i now get pustules which i never got prior to retin-a. now i get themm all over, and instead of using differin + benzaclin + dioxyclin which i got from a derm, im gonna try the regimen, and its gonna cost me a lot since i need to use it on most of my face but w/e it takes i guess. the reason i dont want to use differin is because its a retinoid almost and that caused me to get pustules that NEVER stopped, after like 16 weeks i improved a lot but i got huge pustules that left HUGE redmarks, i dont think that was really any better to have a frigging huge white thing hang out my face only to fall off and leave a gigantic red mark. the benzaclin burns ungodly, but i dont think im allergic to bp, because i use the wash and neutrogena on the spot with no problems, little burning and such but nothing major. i mean benzaclin burned my face red and and sensitive to the touch like a mother! like for 6 hours it burned. and the dioxcyclin or however its spelled, i just dont trust that. i heard it works a bit then u need to up the prescriptiong because u get immune and u get bad breakouts and i cant deal with the whole being clear than breaking out emotionally right now, im clinically depressed. sad.gif so the last 2 nights i put BP on and moisturizer and tommarow im going into the regimen, starting out with less BP and then more, i swear im gonna be using like 10 tubes a week its crazy $$$$. ill prolly switch to purpose bar again, it dried me out but i dont thin kcetaphil cleanser liquid is doing a good job, it feels like its clogging my pores actually. how long do i have to wait b4 i can use AHA moisturizer? and BP says it can help for pustules which is what i seem to be getting so i should be good hopefully in a few months. Also, my skin seemed to get mad oily when i was on retin a and BP wash, and never returned to not being oily, and im wondering why that is?

thx, but for me doing nothing DID NOT WORK, it works for a little or maybe it was just false hopes ya know? ah well, im so use to acne im almost apethetic towards it now. ill keep a journal and post it after a while if ya guys want.

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