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Coming out party for two big red cysts!

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Hey folks! Haven't made a post in a while, but during the day today, I noticed one of my zits, right above my upper lip, has grown noticeably into a small cyst, while another, about mid-chin, has become a large, red, but shallow cyst, even though I had put on some bp in the morning. I've been on the regimen for a few months, not religiously by any means, but consistently for the most part. Recently, I switched to a Neut Multivitamin-in-morning-and-bp-at-night regimen instead of bp twice a day to try and get rid of some of my past acne marks. I haven't had pimples like the ones described in a long long while, and the timing couldn't be worse, as I'm anticipating getting a job interview in the next couple of days. My question is: I have some 1% clindamycin phosphate (generic equivalent of Cleocin T). Should I ditch the bp tonight and go with the clindamycin phosphate for the next day or two as "emergency help?" Or, do you folks have any other suggestions to reduce these two problems of mine? I also have a pustule near my jaw but right now, I'll take my losses with that one and want to focus on the two increasingly major ones. THANKS!

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Thanks Jenn4dex. The good news is they haven't gotten bigger, so I'll hold off going to the derm. The bad news is they haven't diminished either after I put on some clindamycin last night. The one on my jaw actually became a whitehead this morning and I lanced it. I know this one and the one above my lip are gonna leave dark marks. ](*,) I may just go back to dousing bp on it. The bp has seemed to work more quickly in the past.

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Maybe, but it didn't seem to do much on the other two. I just dabbed some on not too long ago, even though I should only apply twice a day. [-o<

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i had no luck with clindamycin whatsoever. Especially on *ACTIVE PIMPLES*...

What i what recommend is grabbing an ice cube and icing your face down for about 2 minutes. Then grab your *COLD* BP and apply it over the cyst, MAKE SURE YOU DON'T IRRATATE IT! Don't ice too hard..Don't press down hard when you're puttin on the ICE/BP! Then wait about 5minutes or so so it absorbs. Then put some ice in a ziplock bag and take a napkin (one that won't leave pieces of tissue behind) and wrap it around the ice...

Ice again with your new ice pack - Probably 2 minutes each and keep switching for about 12min

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