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surfing around the web, came across a new product for acne on www.striae.com

it talks about light therapy and it's affect on acne.

the one great thing is that this product was designed by Dr. Moy, an ACTUAL dermatologist which makes me feel a lot better.

Striae Infrared Light Therapy Unit


Scientists have been working with the healing power of light therapy for decades. Most readers are familiar with how lasers fix skin imperfections. New studies have shown, however, that light therapy can also be used to treat acne, aging effects, to heal wounds and provide pain relief. In fact, wounds heal so slowly in outer space, that NASA is studying the use of infrared light for healing wounds.


Regenetrol Labs has developed an infrared light therapy unit patterned after the high tech, expensive machines you would expect to find in Dr. Moy's. dermatology office. These machines cost thousands of dollars. The Striae® Infrared Light Therapy Unit was developed by Dr. Moy to bring you the benefits of light therapy at affordable cost. The Striae® Infrared Light Therapy Unit utilizes specific wavelengths of light that are proven to improve acne healing. When used in conjunction with the Striae Acne System, the Striae® Infrared Light Therapy Unit effectively improves very effectively treats acne.


The Striae® Infrared Light Therapy Unit produces light rays in the spectrum range of 405-420 nanometers. This type of light has been shown to be effective in treating acne. The Striae® Infrared Light Therapy Unit produces light rays with wavelengths ranging from 400-750 nanometers. Light rays at this frequency convert porphyrins, a substance produced by acne bacteria, into an acne-killing compound. The acne bacterium actually turns on and fights itself! Additionally, a light ray in frequencies of 680, 730, and 880 nanometers has been shown to help all types of wounds to heal. Because the Striae® Infrared Light Therapy Unit produces light rays of a wavelength of 400-750 nanometers, it also helps to heal the scars and marks of acne more quickly.

the website www.striae.com gives information on how to actually use the system, but i also made sure by doing some research that the light therapy doesnt harm skin because i

found some websites saying light therapy can be harmful because of the UV rays, but i emailed the dermatologist and he said they are NOT the same rays...goodness gracias!

as far as acne products, i am always searching and oral medications have bad side effects. Maybe light therapy will work, acne is a trial and error process.

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you gonna give it a try?

there are a few other forums about various light treatments at the moment too - clear light, n light and hope something or other...

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