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Hi Everybody!

I am happy to find this forum. I've been reading some posts and I found some interesting alternatives to cure and prevent acne.

But I still have some questions and it would be GREAT if you guys could help me.

Ok. I am 27 years old, so sometimes I wonder why now I am having a lot fo acne, cause I am not a teenager anymore. And actually I din't have a lot of acne back then.

I have been getting a lot of acne specially in my forehead. And the pimples take foever to go away. Some of them are there for many weeks.

The way I have been trying to treat is with a gel that has 10% benzoyl peroxide before going to sleep and by scrubbing during shower with the saint yves apricot gel. It helps, but I am still getting a lot fo pimples and they remain for a long time.

On this forum, I was reading about vitamim B5, liver cleanser and sea salt water,etc..

What treatments could work for me?

B5? Is it good? I heard that vitamins Bs could give more acne

How do clean the liver? Can this help?

What about seasalt water?

Should I drop using the acne gel and scrubbing my face with saint yves apricot gel and just use one or more of these alternative treatments?

I will apreciate very much your help.

Thanks a lot

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as far as a supplement goes most are B.S. but, i would recommend L-Optizinc. (make sure you get this form). over a month or two period it can significantly reduce your breakouts. you may want to research into the zinc/acne connection. it helped me a lot.

one main thing it does is helps any marks you do have/get to clear up much faster. normally mine would go away within a day or two. very quickly.

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