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Less is More?

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I came across this post on another board


I thought it was interesting how this guy cleared up after having severe acne by doing...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except washing twice a day.

I've read a couple of other threads on this board about the exact same thing, someone going from numerous topicals to almost nothing and actually having their skin condition IMPROVE.

So what do you guys think? I know this approach will not apply to everyone, but I do remember I started to break out even MORE once I started Dan's regimen and the Acne Cure. However I don't know if these two regimens and their required products were the reason or if it was a mere coincidence and I would've broekn out anyway regardless.

I wonder what kind of effect this could have on red marks and scars?

Has anyone tried this approach of less is more?

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try the less is more thing. I think it would work for a lot of people. Just stop from puting stuff on your face all day long, and focus on your nutrition, to heal your face from the inside out. Eat plenty of green veggies and drink lots of water to improve complexion. check www.curezone.com for more natural ways to improve your skin. good luck

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

Yes and no.

Good to give your skin rest from medication once in a while (it needs to breathe too). but I believe in medicating your acne too.

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im not trying it. if im on soemthing thats finally working after tryiong for 2 years .... theres no way in hell im gonna change even the slightest thing lol. no offence, but ive skipped a day and i can already feel my skin get clumpy and blotchy/oily/nasty. i know i dont eat perfectly but it wouldnt be that bad in 1 day.

someone try it and give us results biggrin.gif

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Well ofr years of my life I did nothing and ta-da! I had bad acne... 6 months of treatment and ta-da! no acne biggrin.gif give it a shot by all means... but think about if your willing for the possibilty for it to get worse.

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I've been seriously thinking of trying it. I was speaking to a friend today and he insisted that his face is clear (he has severe acne on his back) because all he does is wash with water and then wipe with a flannel. Then he puts absolutely nothing else on his face. He's been nagging me about this for years and I've just hit back with the 'my skin is different to yours' line but I'm starting to wonder whether there's something to what he says.

Reading Pete's post though I'm thinking, then again, maybe he's just lucky. I'm like Pete - I don't dare try it just yet until my face is clear.

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didnt work for me. at first it did i was like holy mother of jesus! thats because the redness went away from putting all the meds on, then the acne just had a field day. now im trying the regimen, god i hope it works

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