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JonDoe's Retin-A Log With Pics

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Hang in there...I am past the 12 week mark with tazorac which is a little stronger than what you are using..and I am still not completely clear. But my skin is getting SO much better. Just have patience.

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stick with it! i did retin a at night and bp during the day...i had some pretty bad breakouts from the retin a in the beginning but i persisted and now im perfectly clear (minus a few red marks). good luck!

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Hey JoeDoe,

I was just reading your log and I wanted to mirror what longshot said... Retin A is a great product when you give it time... there is not much stronger!

I've been using it four weeks now and while sometimes it can be frustrating when you get through that IB, I'm (knock on wood) happy with results so far.

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Thanks longshot, how long until u started to see some results?


hey sorry it took me so long to reply. i started to see results around week 6. until then i was having some pretty bad breakouts but they were short and i think that is due to the quick skin turnover that retin a causes. i saw permanent improvement by the 3 month mark.

the nice thing about your skin based on the pictures you posted is that the skin around your pimples is very smooth and healthy looking so once your get your breakouts under control you should have great skin! good luck and keep it up!

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