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Insulin, IGF and acne

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I just read the following column today on MiamiHerald.com and I was wondering what ya'll thought about it. What kind of foods is he referring to when he talks about "junk foods, certain breads and grains?"

"Small change in diet may help clear acne

Dr. Sean Kenniff

Q: Are there any diets that can help get rid of acne?

A: Excess hormone levels and bacteria are clearly the primary cause of acne. Dermatologists often claim diet has little influence on the occurrence or appearance of pimples, but based on recent studies that may be an oversimplification.

Some studies suggest that diets high in starchy and sugary foods might ignite a hormonal cascade that subsequently allows bacteria to flourish. Two hormones, insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF), rise sharply in the body when junk foods, and certain breads and grains are eaten. It's believed this surge in hormones could trigger excess testosterone production. The testosterone then causes the skin to produce more oil, giving the bacteria a more hospitable environment for growth. A 2002 study suggested the entire western diet, and even excess dairy products, could influence acne.

Based on this evidence, if you suffer from acne, a small change in your diet might help, but don't do anything drastic. Although some researchers have claimed a diet low in carbohydrates can help resolve acne, there is little scientific evidence to recommend it.

Dr. Sean Kenniff covers health for WFOR CBS-4. The advice in this column is not a substitute for consulting a physician. Write to him at [email protected] or c/o Health, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami FL 33132."

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I just read the following column today on MiamiHerald.com and I was wondering what ya'll thought about it. What kind of foods is he referring to when he talks about "junk foods, certain breads and grains?"

Refined starches

To refine a food is an unnatural transformation of the metabolic response of a food

Sugars: starches, fructose, glucose are found in natural foods whose whole composition of protein, fibers, bran make the absorption of these sugar slow and steady so that the response of the body is slow and steady too

When these foods are refined you get all the stuff Kenniff is talking about: sweets, baked goods, cookies, cakes, flour products, table sugar, syrup, soda pop, white bread, french load, toast and so on

There are exception of course and even refined flour product sometimes does not cause a wrecked metabolic response, but generally the refination process causes these sugars to be metabolized too quickly, creating a spike of those hormones involved in sugar metabolism and lead to that hormonal cascade

The often grotesque body development we can observe nowadays is indeed peculiar of western country which adopt the western diet and I'm talking about excess of hormones or hormones being crazily out of control, face that becomes narrow, jaws that become too long, nasal sept and nose shape, teeth growth

There are several problems with our strange body develpment like triggering the onset of cancer especially breast, uterine and prostate, like having inadequate bone density, unbalanced skeletal system which doesn't rest on the body pelvis and heel arches

Even growth spurts are not natural at all and correlated with an high cancer incidence

Adequately nourished non western population don't experience these kind of unhealthy spurt but a steady and slow growth that continues up to to middle twenty allowing a more harmoniously bone and body development and normal hormones levels thorough

Let's face it ... what certain kids become as they grow in two weeks from 5.6 to 5.11 is grotesque and proven to be correlated with lower longevity, tumors and many cardiocirculatory problems

We all have been told that these things are normal and that everyone must pass through them while growing: this is just nonsense. The hormonal profile of a person affects greatly his/her growth and physical transformation and therefore health and the "hormonal craziness" we all talk about when referring to teen is just peculiar of western countries and the western junk diet

Balanced development is not only possible but is supposed to be the rule

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