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I came across this post on another board


I thought it was interesting how this guy cleared up after having severe acne by doing...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except washing twice a day.

I've read a couple of other threads on this board about the exact same thing, someone going from numerous topicals to almost nothing and actually having their skin condition IMPROVE.

So what do you guys think? I know this approach will not apply to everyone, but I do remember I started to break out even MORE once I started Dan's regimen and the Acne Cure. However I don't know if these two regimens and their required products were the reason or if it was a mere coincidence and I would've broekn out anyway regardless :-s

Has anyone tried this approach of less is more?

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yes i completely agree. i went for a period of a few months where all i washed with was the neutrogena bar soap. my condition actually improved at first. my face cleared up, but after a while, it started to break out again (although no more than i would while using acne products)..

i use two products now and and that's it. lots of people put like 20 different things on their face everyday and wonder why they're still breaking out. it's likely that they're either irritating their skin by using so many products, or one (or more) of those products is causing them to continue to break out. of course, they use so many products, so they'll never find out which one is the culprit.


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Yes I read your thread about the two products you use and I'm glad to hear that it's helped you!!!

What kind of skin do you have? I have extremely oily, greasy skin but never really had severe breakouts in my life up until now. I'm a 22 year old male and I'm strongly considering trying the two products you mentioned.

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i'm 23, and i'm not going to lie and say i had absolutely horrible skin. i had generally mild acne. not "oh no i got a pimple" mild but mild compared to some of the pictures of people i have seen around these boards. generally around 5-15 spots at any given time. i think my routine would work well for someone with mild or moderate acne. i've never had any type of cystic acne or anything (thankfully).

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I have to use three products, but that still seems fewer than what some people throw at their face. I use a gentle cleanser with BHA, Neutrogena on the spot, and an AHA moisturizer. I also tweaked my cleansers and shampoos, after finding out sodium lauryl sulfate irritates skin, and my forehead cleared right up. When i try using masks and toners and other junk, it just makes my skin worse.

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For me ,less is definitely more.

I wash my face and use 2 drops of oil to moisturise during the day.That's all. All make up clogs my pores so I don't bother, eventhough I have red marks.

At night all I do is wash , apply my retinoid gel which I wash off after 1 hour.Then I leave my skin to breathe.

After about 2 months of doing this (even without the retinoid) my acne disappeared and my pores became very clear.

I started this regime because I noticed that eventhough my husband has very oily skin,his pores are always super clear. And all he does is wash very lightly with a facewash.

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