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gillette sensor excel is just as irritating...help...


every time i shave, my face feels scratched up, then the next day it's extremely dry and itchy but with skin skin still intact (i force myself not to itch it); then the NEXT day it's dry, itchy, and FLAKY --as in, skin is crusty and flaky all day and even after moisturization that only makes the flakes SOGGY and nasty looking, but even so, later on it dries up again. It takes like a week to get back to normal skin (well not really normal ever consideirng i'm on the regiment for a reason...to get rid of this damn acne.)

i posted about a week ago about this same problem and a lot of you recommended the gillette sensor excel razor, well, i got that, and the results were the same as my electric shaver (except it was definately a closer shave!) but the face part was the same as descrobed above.

well what should i do?

PLEASE any help appreciated! thank you.


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Do you shave every day?

It seems I remember Dan saying one time that shaving daily seems to work best and cut down on irritation. Your skin will get used to it and you won't be trying to cut several days worth of beard growth.

Shave with the grain (the natural growth pattern of the hairs) and not against it.

What are you using to shave with? A cleanser or shave cream?

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I dont have a problem with shaving, i find that if id ont shave i get more acne. i use a mach 3 blade and edge gel. after you shave everyday for awhile it will get good, when i started shaving everyday id get new zits everywhere but now ive already irratated them all up to the surface so no more come out.

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Thank you for the replies so far, everyone.

Brandy, I do not shave everyday; about once a week, because, well, I am 18 and look really young for my age --which is kind of embarassing: I don't grow thick, dark hair yet; just a light moustache and goatee. If I don't shave, the CSR Gel becomes a mess when trying to absorb into my skin. I also shave the peach fuzz --as I like to call it-- on my cheeks and jawline. Perhaps I should start shaving daily as recommended by you and mr.420?

aolforbroadband, what does a toner do exactly? Moisturize? Even the color of the skin? Will it interfere with the regimen?Would it at all stop the proper absorbtion of BP? Would it clog the pores and create more acne or even irritate my skin after first useage?

There is one more thing I would like to mention/ask. I havn't exactly been moisturizing daily. It's only after I shave that I feel the need to moisturize, mainly due to the irritation and dryness it brings me. Perhaps I should moisturize every time I apply the CSR Gel, rather than waiting till the day after I shave?

I know that I've asked a lot in this post, but any help at all is really, really appreciated.

Thank you.


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