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Definatly starting to think I have BDD or something.

Yeah, I'm definatly starting to think so. I think I have BDD and OCD or something. Along with extreme paranoia. Ever since I started getting obsessed with the fact that I have acne like a year and a half ago (I've had it for around 5 - but didn't care at first), things have started going down hill. But over the past few months.. I've hit rock bottom. I seriously obsess over EVERYTHING on my body. Like I think it's possible to achieve perfection to the point where you have no marks on your body whatsoever. I'll like get a bruise, and if I don't know where it came from Ill obsess it.. and think it's permanent for days. Then I'll find something else to obsess over. Like I'll find a few red marks on my legs.. and I'll obsess over them for 3 weeks or something, then I'll give up.. then I'll start obsessing over them again a month later.. and when I look for them.. they're gone. I don't know, I think I'm starting to go psychotic. I even look for messed up things on my face.. to obsess over and try to fix. I'll put my face right up to the mirror to see EVERY red mark and obsess on making them leave. *sigh* I never used to be this way.

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Remember you see things of your face everyone else wont even notice... dont beat yourself up.

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Guest buttonit

acne had made us more aware of our bodies. its normal.

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