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Getting tane...

I've been taking tane for a month now per my MDs suggestion to get started early and order online. Fine.

Knowing that this was going to be a problem I started doing the legwork to find a pharmacy that I could use. Not that easy as it turns out. Most just don't want ot deal with the iPledge hassle. My local Rx is run by an old guy who basically told me he'd rather I went elsewhere to fill my scripts.

Went for my second appt & bloods on Tuesday. After the appt the nurse logged the MD info into iPledge. This was before I even went for the blood test. I didn't realize that when she logged in it started the 7 day countdown. I went for the bloods right after the derm appt. I figured it'd start after the second bloods.

Later that night I tried to log onto iPledge to take my little test. <gak> The system wouldn't let me log on even tho I had done so before. I thought it was a glitch. I tried again the next day; same thing. Go thru phone tree hell to finally reach a real person. They had to give me a new password. Okay. Take the damn test. Fine.

All the while the clock is ticking. Now, it's Thursday. I call my MD to make sure they get the blood results and call in the script. I told the nurse not to call it into my local pharm as he's not keen on doing it. She takes the attitude "Well he HAS TO fill the script...!" That may be so but I feel I may suffer in the end. She pressures him into filling the script. NOT a good idea, I'm thinking. He tells her he doens't have tane in stock and it'll take him 3-4 days to get it in. <tick, tock...> Nurse says "I know you can do a rush order, I demand it." <tick, tock...>

On a hunch, I called the old guy to try to smooth things over. He tells me his iPledge password doesn't work all of the sudden and he's waiting for them to MAIL him a new password! <tick, tock...> WTF?

None, zero, nada, pharmacies around here have enough tane for a 60mg dosage. I have until end of business on Monday to get this filled [no deliveries are made on weekends].

I suddenly figured out why folks get suicidal on tane. It's cuz they can't get their Rx filled! :wacko:

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LOL! It is such a pain in the ass to get your tane script. I'm so sorry you had to go through that...I hope next time it's much easier for you and that your face clears up to make all this bullshit worth the hassle!

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Hey, I'm sorry to hear you went through such a struggle to get your prescription... I feel like I'm about to experience the same problem! When I was first mailed my ipledge account # and password I was able to log on and it worked just fine. Now that my 2nd month of blood work/pregnancy test has been logged in by my derm, it's not allowing me to log in. Question: when you called and spoke to someone on the phone line, were they able to give you the password over the phone and have you take the test all in the same phone call? I'm scared they'll tell me they have to mail it to me and then I'll have to wait another month. I'm so close now! It's so frustrating!

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