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leverage's "Acne Cure" Journal

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So I thought I would start one of these to help me keep track of hopefully progress and the time spent on this regimen and hopefully it will be useful to someone else out there. I will try to update every day or every few days.


Products being used:

-C&C Continuous Control Acne Wash (2% SA) Morning/Night

-Aqua Glycolic Face Cream (10% GA) Morning

-C&C Continuous Control Acne Cleanser (10% BP) Night

-Purpose Moisturizer w/ SPF 15 Morning

*** BP is stored in fridge and face is cooled before using product. After application, I ice my face for about 10 minutes.


Week 1:


Started "the cure" at night with SA/icing and bp. Alot of red marks, under the skin nodules/cysts, few whiteheads.


SA/GA/and moisturizer used in the morning. Face was noticeably less irritated and smoother and actual improvement was seen from the night before.


Continued regimen, a minor breakout around mouth. sad.gif


Breakout around mouth was noticeably better, but painful breakout under jawline on the right side sprouted. Face was alot better above the jawline than before but now seemed to be worse below the jawline than before regimen, weird. Hopefully this is just the pores getting cleaned out and crap being brought to the surface.


Face pretty much the same. Although jawline breakout seems to be healing faster than before on the regimen. A big under the skin nodule is starting to develop above my left eye, hopefully noticeably better tomorrow. Skin is not dry at all which is good.

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No worsening, perhaps some improvement though not alot visably. Painful under the skin zit that was forming above my left eye no longer hurts and is not red, just slightly raised (hopefully fought that off). Face became slightly dry last night, but seems to be ok now.

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Ugh! My face is completely broken out on the lower portion/jaw area. One of the worst, if not the worst, I can ever remember sad.gif Going to keep up with the regimen until after this first breakout. If I don't see improvement after then, then it's bunk! I'm so frustrated!!!!

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Week 2:


Ok, start of week 2. Well, I broke out on my left side (but not as bad as right) the other day. The breakout seems to have stopped thankgod and is starting to heal. I still have some sore spots with active acne but I'm going to try and not pop and let them work themselves out. Overall, I am still worse than when I started, but have heard others have this problem. In some parts my face is a lot better however. My girlfriend is amazing, she made me feel alot better yesterday after being down about this breakout. She doesn't have a problem anymore but did back in high school so she knows exactly what it's like.

Going to try and only wash 2x a day and not pick and prod at my face and if I feel the need just rinse with warm water. I have incorporated aloe as an aftershave/pre-moisturizer and that helps a little with redness and healing.

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- 10/17/03

Well, my girlfriend commented that my face looked a little better. I didn't notice it looked too different, but it definitely hurt less. Maybe it is adding the aloe that helps that. I finally got the aqua glycolic toner in the mail so i'm going to use that instead of the cream for a while (the cream felt really thick).

i haven't noticed any "new" ones since the first bad breakout so hopefully i will heal and go from there. keeping my fingers crossed. the one above my eye is still there and if i touch it it is tender but doesn't bother me if i leave it alone. my jaw seems to be healing, though whiteheads are sprouting over the cysts again which i've never had before either. maybe this crap really is just getting all sucked out?!

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Hang in there- I'm 100% breakout free after 12 weeks. I had a couple of bad weeks but now even the cysts are flat (as long as I don't touch!)

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Well, face seems to definitely be improving. I started using glycolic along with salyclic in the shower as well so I will let you all know how that goes. No huge new breakouts, just here and there and my face definitely hurts alot less. Gonna keep it up and hopefully continue improving.

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I knew this would happen as soon as I said I was improving!!! Argh, had another little breakout. One on my left temple. Two behind both ears. And a couple more in my shaving zone underneath my jaw. So far, it doesn't seem as bad as the last one and it hasn't even been two weeks yet so I'm still keeping hope. Going to try my best not to touch them. This all happened yesterday and I was just thinking - "Wow, I haven't broken out above my mouth/jaw area in a while.

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Well, new zits are coming every day almost it seems. Still keeping hope since I haven't even started the third week. Going to try some proactive laying around if I don't see real improvement by the 4th week.

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Ahh, what do you know.. more new zits. My forehead is a mess, my temple nodules are back along with above my eyebrows. Not to mention around my mouth and cheeks. I haven't been touching much and don't plan on popping unless they are a good whitehead. It's been two weeks and all I have gotten is WORSE. Luckily my dad is a doc and can send some tazorac to me in a couple of days. I'm going to try that as long as I'm this bad.

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- 10/23/03

Well, there has definitely been NO improvement in sight. In my third week. I'm going to have some tazorac on hand either mon or tues and going to start on that. Really dissapointed in this. sad.gif I may keep up with the icing occasionally and glycolic occasionally.

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