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Turned Away for Treatment Today

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I had an appointment with Dr. Rapaport this morning and he seemed like a very straightforward and nice guy. However, he turned me away for treatment. He said that since I told him that my scars (which are shallow) did not respond to two previous rounds of subcision in the 1990s (with Dr. Robert Orentreich in NYC) he saw no need to try the subcision again on me. At first, his patient counselor was advocating subscision followed by N-Lite for me. But Dr. Rapaport nixed that plan. Anyway, he was very honest with me and told me that I should just wait until Artecoll is approved by the FDA, hopefully some time next year, and then come back to him and get that done. I was in there for about an hour today (mostly talking to his patient counselor before Dr. Rapaport came in), and I wasn't charged anything for the visit! That was surprising...and pretty impressive, I thought.

Even though I was very pleased with Dr. Rapaport's ethics and honesty I must say I am STILL feeling bad right now. I mean, to be turned away by a doctor...even if he IS trying to save me money and keep me from getting treatments that might not work. I can't help it, but a part of me keeps thinking that there ISN'T any help out there for me....

One other thing...both Dr. Rapaport and his assistant told me, in no uncertain terms, that skin scarred by acne (no matter how mild the scarring is) can NEVER be corrected to the point where it can look as good as it did before. I didn't---nor do I want---to hear that, but I guess it's true?? I guess I have no business thinking, or believing otherwise, do I? It's just so hard to take sometimes. Man, sometimes I HATE the little-boy that's still inside me who thinks that if you want something badly enough, it will come true...

Anyway, I hope Dr. Rapaport can do something to help others who post here. He was a nice, honest guy. He just can't help me---at least not at this time. sad.gif


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If they are that shallow, why can't you just do needling? I have some shallow scars that were needled 9 weeks ago that are totally gone (keep in mind I am on Retin A and copper peptides, which help greatly....).

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Twenty years ago there was nothing for ice pic scars. However you do have hope in a year you may have a treatment that can work for you. Hold onto that thought and do as Denise suggests. You can try needling and topical with peels for now.

And yes, Rapaport gives free consultations and only charges if he gives you treatment which is more than fair.

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I think Dr. Rapaport had the right to say that scarred skin cannot currently be returned to it's pre-scarred condition. However, there are amazing advances and discoveries being made every day with cytokines and growth factors. I think there will be a time in the near future (within the next three years) that scarred skin will be able to be perfectly healed. I refuse to give up this dream!!!! Please look at the website Renovo.com for a glimmer of hope. [-o<

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I agree with you anna. I do believe taht the scars can be reversed but it will take a lot of effort and time too. In face i spoke with Dr.Boss a few months ago (inventor of isolagen) and he said taht he was working on some laser and he was very positive about acne scar treatments and he said that he would be able to treat scarring iwth 95-100% results. he wanted me to wait until next year though. So dont give up hope.

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I agree that scarred skin will never look the same but there is a point to which the scars can be treated so that they are hardly noticable or to the point where they do not detract from a persons looks. This is what i want to achieve.

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=D> to that will205! I just always get the feeling that I am not deserving while my face looks like this (even more when I get a new pimple) and while that may be illogical, that's just the way it is.

I won't even get a new car until my skin improves (and its older than my kids), so smoothbeam had better be the answer for me or my kids are gonna have to start riding the bus home from school again, lol!

smile.gif nancy

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