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accutane forum?

i was thinking about the presciption forum and how filled up it is with accutane threads. i think it might be hard for people to find help with the other prescription medicine in the presciption forum cuz the thread dosent get looked at or it just gets pushed to the other page before someone can see it.

like seriously so many of us are on accutane (including myself) that i dont think it would be a bad idea to make a sub topic thing for accutane. if you dont believe me just look at the prescription forum. 90% of the threads at any givin time are for accutane. i dunno i just thought it could be helpful for someone who is on a prescrition medicines (other than accutane) cuz it would give them a forum so they could easily find help without having to dig through the many threads of accutane.

just a thought :shifty:

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I'm usually opposed to adding extra forums, but you are right that the Accutane questions really dominate the prescription forum. I don't think topicals and antibiotics really need their own forums though. A catch-all "other prescriptions" should suffice.

However, further subdividing does mean more work for mods who will have to move a gazillion threads a day.

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Guest FearlessBunnyLove

I totally agree with this idea. Before I was on accutane I spent a lot of time trying to find threads on the other prescriptions I was on. It took forever to sort though everything. Having a separate subforum for it would really help out.

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