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My situation

This is my regimen/plan.

On weekdays, after having a shower, i apply ONLY BP 2.5% Neutrogena on-the-spot before going to school. I don't apply any cleansers or moisturizers in the morning.

Then in the night between 7-8pm i apply cleanser, wait about between 15-60 mins, then i apply BP.

So infact, im not even using my moisturizer, except maybe on weekends.

I am, however, seeing slight improvement (which still surprises me everytime I think about it).

And near the jaw line, im seeing dry skin, like peeled skin just hanging from my face.

I am now applying 1 finger of BP for my whole face. I started on 24th August (which is EXACTLY 3 weeks ago).

Is there anything I am doing wrong? Any improvements for my regimen/plan? What am I doing correctly?

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If you wanna follow the Clear Skin Regimen, you are doing a bunch of things wrong. How come you are not using a cleanser and a moisturizer in the morning?

I'd say that you should start cleansing and moisturizing in the mornings and that you should start moisturize at nights. Your dry skin is likely going to be reduced if you start using a moisturizer, thats what they are for.

So use cleanser, bp and moisturizer both mornings and nights and im sure you'd see even greater results.

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If you are doing the CSR, I see lots of things that you aren't doing correctly.

here is the checklist that is a shortened version of "how to do the CSR"


Basically you want to wash, apply bp, and moisturize twice a day. This gives most people the best results.

Good luck!

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