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Acne Free in 3 Days - My journey

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Well I came across Chris's ebook through Google and was instantly brainwashed by his sales pitch so I bought the damn thing.

I mean, whilee it is filld with 50 pages of useless lifestory crap, you do learn a hell of a lot. Anyhow so I did the whole no eating except apples thing and results are below.

Please note that I have really mild acne. Like .. I don't hide in the dark or I'm not afraid of the mirror. But it is there, and I do have breakouts occasionally. Guess I just wanted the problem gone for good.

I followed Chris's guide exact .. EXCEPT for the enema's. No way was I going to go that far.

1st day


Whoa .. is it hard. Not eating anything except apples. By night time I was craving food. I ate around 8 apples, drank a heck of a lot of water and went to sleep.

2nd day


On the 2nd day I had uni, and was a tad hard being around everyone who is eating and drinking but it was okay. I held strong and ate my apples, drank lots of water and wished day 4 would come.

3rd day


Now this is when I was craving anything but apples ... ANYTHING! But I struggled on. At the end of day 3, I had a headache and wasn't feeling too crash hot. A shower and some greentea fixed this just like Chris says.

By day 4, I hadn't had any new pimples and my face generally looked clearer and cleaner. However I wouldn't say it solved it, or cleared up my acne 100%.

Chris does say that the results can take up to a month? To me that's just marketing bulls**t but yeah.

I'm glad I did it, if I didn't I would be thinking .. I wonder what life would be like if I HAD done it etc etc. I think its also a mental thing. Can you go 3 days on apples?!? :P

Anyhow, thought I'd share my 2c. Throughout the 3 days, I learnt a lot so even if it didn't fix up my acne 100%, I now know more about the human body than I ever did before.

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Yeah I had similar results. My skin looked clearer and cleaner but it was not 100% clear. A week after the fast I was back to where I started. However I do recommend people trying it. In 3 days there is a definate improvement, just not enough to clear acne for good.

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What do you think is a scam? JimboJam has posted the information here for free, just eat apples and water all day for three days. Plus I have personally tried it and it definately improved my skin, just not to the point where I was happy. Nevertheless I do believe it may work for other people on this forum.

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Anyhow so I did the whole no eating except apples thing and results are below.

Thanks for taking the time to post. I suspect the acne free in 3 days is a scam too. However, he'd probably say that you can't really say you did it if you didn't do the enemas. The enema's would probably be an important part of the cleansing process, which is what the apples are intended to do. Anyway - thanks again.
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ill probably try it when i find 3 days where i dont need much energy. cuz frankily i would be a near-death state if i only ate apples for 3 days.

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yah I did an apple water fast for a few days and yes it improved my skin, but I mean its not like it is a permanent change and after a week I was back to pretty much the same state. (you cant eat apples for the rest of your life ;) ) I think this is only useful if you are trying to really change your diet for the long term, if you were to do the 3 or 4 day fast or cleanse in order to 'reset' your eating habits as they say and then employ a raw or other intense diet it would probably be helpful IMO

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