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Dont know what kind of Acne I have

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I have had ACNE ever since I was about 14 years old. I'm 19 now and it hasn't been getting any better. Although the acne I get is not very big, I do get a lot and it leaves red marks all over my face. These red marks are caused by new acne or old ones that don't wanna go away. I believe the term used for the acne is "baked bean" but when I touch them it never hurts. My whole face is covered with small red spots, sometimes it doesn't look like acne (I rather have medium sized zits than a whole face of red spots). I also have some small bumpy things around the nose area which I dont think are acne. When my skin is dry, they are noticable and can be peeled off. After being peeled off, it's like a lump of dried white oil+skin and leaves a small hole in my skin (these are really small but clump up). I wanted to go see a derm but the price is costly. I thought i'd try my luck here first.

By the way, I've tried St Ives Apricot Scrub+Cleaner and it hasn't worked. The only thing that seems to do anything is the Clean & Clear Oxegenating scrub BUT my face still remains the same.

If anybody has any information regarding my condition, please let me know. Also, what scrubs/cleaners would you guys recommend?


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