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"Acne Cure" - worse before better?

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I started the "Acne Cure" about 4 days ago. The next morning after the first icing and bp of my face, I noticed a difference. It felt smoother, cleaner, and less irritated. This lasted until the next day. On day three under my jawline broke out bad with the under the skin bumps and this leads up to today where it is still broken out. My face looks alot better in other spots. I know some people say it is normal to break out when starting it because it is bringing deep down stuff up. Has anyone experienced the same thing and continued improvement? It is very discouraging to break out and not know if you are "improving" Thanks everyone!

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This is very common. You may want to refer to the Acne Cure thread in this same forum. It lists a lot of Qs/As about the regimen, namely, that it hadn't worked for many people.

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I don't do the acne cure myself, but I've seen posts from a bunch of people all saying that when they initially started the acne cure, they broke out. Like you said, it's just the pimples coming to the surface. Hang in there for a few more weeks before you get discouraged, all acne regimens require time and patience!

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