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after wat 4 months.....BACK ON TANE!!!!! for 2nd round


Right...................... its about time i channelled my thoughts in a log, rather than in my head (its giving me a headache) so yep back on tane after 4 months and a round of tetracycline which was a total waste of time by the way. hopefully a higher dosage will do the trick.

so this i guess is my second time around already and im hoping this will be the last. first time out was a joke, derms kept changing each month and my dosage was like 20 mg for 4 months, then 40mgs for a few weeks and then 60mgs for 2 months. each derm said different things so i didnt know if i was comin or goin, :boohoo: i know il save the sob story. tane worked for sure, just i know i wasnt on it for long enough. i think people with naturally oily skin need higher dosages anyway.

Right now im using 40mgs and hoping to go up to 80mgs in a month. i got a few cysty spots, and quite a few littlies. Before first round had spots on top of me back but after tane they gone.

what im using now is cetaphil stuff as cleanser and this heavy shit as moisturizer, but saying that i worked well for me on tane months ago, think its called aqueous cream and it smells weird but kinda nice at the same time, i guess it does its job lol.

im gonna write here as much as possible.

if u wanna say or ask anything then sure, if not then thats fine 2. if anyones got any got any like products that work ok then id pretty much love to hear about em.

As for first day on tane....... unsurpirisingly nooooo change, just some stomach ache :think: but that could be due to spicy chicken ummm maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey man nice to see you're back ;) I just switched to cetaphil about a week ago. I guess I should update my signature cuz I don't use purpose anymore. My face feels much smoother since I started washing with cetaphil. Well make sure your derm keeps you on for like 5-6 months this time ok? Good luck!

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