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Acne + if you have horrrrrriblely painful mentrual cramps (aka Dysmenorrhea)

Just want to say that I had TERRIBLELY painful menstrual cramps for the last 12 years. I would almost faint when the cramps started. I would only be partly conscious throughout the first three days of menstruation. My "stomach" hurt so badly that I couldn't walk and sometimes my bf carried me into the house.

The pain was unbearable - and I woud taken up to 10 tylenol per day (I dont condone this practice, but this is to show you how unbearable the pain was). I took all those silly bottles of herbs that are supposed to releive cramping, but they did nothing for me. I bought everything on the market, and nothing worked.

Anyway, I had 3 treatments of full-body, hormone-balancing acupuncture to treat my acne. The Acupuncturist said I would also notice that my cramps were not as painful ( I didnt believe this because he didn't know how painful my cramps were -- and you really cant try to explain the worst menstrual cramp pain in the world to a male :P). Anyway, after 3 acupuncture treatments for my acne, my menstrual cramps completely disappeared!

It has been 6 months since I have had the acupuncture treatments.. and now I only need to take 1 tylenol to control the pain. Sometimes I dont even FEEL the cramps for several hours.

Hopefully this helps anyone out there who is suffering like I did :)

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Interesting. Ive always wanted to consider trying acupuncture but for me its a financial issue. I just cant afford it at this time. :(

I do have pretty bad cramps (sometimes I miss work because I can barely walk and Im on the floor sobbing in pain). And have hormonal acne as well. Im going to save some money and look into this.

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