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Random Visitor

"A log", the thread written by Andero.

Hello. My name is Andero. I'm 14 years old, 170 cm tall (5'7"), I weigh about 62 kg (137 lbs) and dislike my moderate acne. I have been using this site for about 9 months, but only started the CSR 2 weeks ago and I am experiencing my intial breakout right this moment, so what better time to start a log, eh? I can't pinpoint when acne started but I think it was about in the summer of 2005, just so you know, I bought my first cleanser in January 2006. :naughty:

I'll keep you updated with daily summaries of my skin condition and maybe even (SHOCK HORROR) post some pictures.

If there's anything you want to know, please ask me. :ninja:

Here we go:

Day 1.

The current situation consists of 3 visible red marks on my nose (1 on right nostril) from popping pustules, I have a similar red mark on my chin from accidentally scratching off a scab. A smaller red mark is situated to the left of my nose with a whitehead that's on it's way down near it. Just recently I found an inflamed spot with a small red head on my lower left cheek. There is also a wannabe pustule almost under my chin. Some colorless bumps are on my cheekbones. On my forehead, which is clear from colorless bumps thanks to my loyal 5% BP, there is a small pustule, about 2 whitehead-like pimples and some red marks. That's about it.

I also think that stress has made my situation worse, since I started to use BP during the last days of my summer vacation and my skin looked better, but with school starting it's gone a bit worse.

Anything else you need to know?

Oh yes, my regimen!


Wash with Oriflame Pure Skin Washing Gel

(2-3 minutes)

Apply Oriflame Pure Skin Toner

(5 minutes)

Apply 5% BP to T-zone and spots on cheeks.

(5 minutes)

Moisturize with Nivea For Men Oil Control Moisturizer. (if I have enough time)


The same.

Excuse any grammar, spelling or other mistakes known to the English language as it's my second language.

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'sup random visitor, I just started the CSR program too. Do you have really sensitive skin? Does the face wash dry your skin out?

Just wondering. I can't really vouche for any real method of doing this yet, because I'm not a success story yet----"yet" is what I'm hoping for. But I've notice that if I don't moisturize daily, after putting on the BP, the dry irritated skin tends to break out more afterwards. Maybe this is helpful info, who knows. Just wanted to let you know what I've encounted.

Also, I've stopped using toners on my face (I use to always use toners, but now I'm not). What I noticed now, after I stopped using the toner, is that my skin is more apt to absorb the BP and lotion when I don't you it. I don't know why, but whenver I used the toner first, my face would remain tacky feeling for awhile, and it wouldn't absorb the BP and lotion as well as now, when I'm not using the toner. I.E. my face would have this oily looking shine to it, even after a substantial amount of time. (shrugs)

What is your experience with toner usage? and Is there a reason (other than time constraints) that you don't moisturize everyday? (I figure it's because you have a different skin type than mine, but who knows? I'm just curious.)

Good luck Random Visitor. Since we started at the same time, I'll probably be checking your post from now on to see how it's going. I really hope this works for you, don't be like me and mess your skin up for good with bad habits. I'm sure the damage to my skin was done over a long period of bad skin care. :wall: at not knowing how to take care of my skin until now.

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Day 2:

My mom is saying I should stop using BP since my cheeks and forehead have red blotches. I also don't like the fact that my skin is uber-flaky even with use of moisturizer. I think I should use less BP because I'm not going to stop using it. It's all very frustrating, the quest for clear skin. Look at me being all angry at day 2. :D

Although the colourless small bumps on my left cheekbone have gone down.

David: I didn't use a toner for about two days, I got one pimple. Today I used the toner after my wash, my face felt super tight (so I guess I have senstive skin), but after tonerizing/toning it felt better. Maybe the irritated and red skin has something to do with toners? I haven't seen a difference in applying BP with or without the use of a toner, though. :( Also, there is no other reason besides time constraints that I don't sometimes use moisturizer.

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Random Visitor: Have you seen Dan's videos on the methods of the CSR? The things I notice about the method I used and Dan's method:

I use to wash my face for a long period of time too. Just as long as you, about 1-2 minutes. I've since stopped washing my face for such a long period of time. And the end result is that my skin doesn't feel so tight and it's not flaky. The cleanser, it seems, stripped a lot of the natural moisture from my face. I wash my face like Dan's video now, 15-25 seconds and gently so not to stretch, pinch, or otherwise irritate my sensitive skin.

The toner shouldn't affect redness. But I know that you can put too much BP on your skin. I use to think that if I left a thin film of BP on my face and let my face absorb it then it was better. But now that I've been applying the BP by Dan's method, my skin is beginning to feel a lot better--not clear yet, but I'm hoping. I don't know exactly why, but I think that having that extra BP residue sit on my skin really irritated it more than helped it.


Always apply moisturizer though, make time for it.

See ya :D I hope you can try something knew with the comments here. I do know this for sure: if your skin is irritated or flaky, it can be blamed on your regimen, it's like all about figuring out what your doing wrong now and fixing it.

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My acne started around the same age as yours. But for me, that was SO long ago. My acne is very persistent, and I'm sure you won't have to deal with it nearly as long! :)

Since you're starting with the Clear Skin Regimen, I'd suggest sticking with the steps (http://www.acne.org/regimen-instructions.html) and supplies (http://www.acne.org/findingsupplies.php) precisely. I bet that you'll see the best results that way.

Good luck!

Cam >B)

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