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Losing job opportunities because of acne?

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I've been looking for a job for almost two months now with no success and my "acne paranoia" is starting to creep in and make me wonder. :think: I've gotten about three interviews with different companys, but none have translated into job offers. For one position, I even made it to the second round of interviews, but still wasn't made an offer :( . Now I know my interview skills are strong because I actually participated in a couple of "practice" interviews with a career counselor before I graduated college. She told me I seemed confident and was able to articulate my points very well. So then, why am I not getting any offers? :eh:

I can't help but think my acne and scars are what's holding me back. Two of the positions involved working in a research laboratory which usually requires the candidate to have a "neat, clean appearance." :rolleyes: So this makes me wonder if the acne and scarring on my face gives me a "dirty appearance" and automatically puts me at a disadvantage for getting the job. I mean if another applicant just as qualified as me walks into an interview with clear glowing skin, they're probably the one who'd get the offer over someone "unclean" like me. Am I just being incredibly paranoid or has anyone else come out of an interview feeling like you totally aced it only to find out you got rejected :wall:

This has happened to me three times now and I can't help but get discouraged :cry: Sorry for the long post I just needed to vent and what better place to do it than acne.org..the only place where I don't feel like a total freak :wacko:

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I think there is a lot of prejudice there, when it comes to selecting people for jobs, and they judge alot more than your skills, and unfortnatley they judge appearance,

I found whenever I went for a service type job where you would be around people, I would never get the job, and I rekon acne was why

it sux , I know, maybe just wear alot of makeup to the interviews just to get pass there ignorance

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you know its funny u shud post this topic. i got a job as a waitress at my local pub (literally a metre across the road lol) and i was realy paranoid about going and crying and asking my sister to go insted because i was sure that ppl eating their food wudnt want a girl with minging papustules and red lumps all over her skin touching their food and asking them if they want any sauce while close up to their face. went twice but im not getting called up to be invited to work anymore...and maybe it is my acne...a waitress with clear skin will encourage more people to eat there huh?

well it fucking sux. try concealer or something.

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I'm sure my acne has gotten in the way of certain positions, that and my lack of self esteem which of course stems from my chronic acne. I just went to another interview yesterday and I believe I was the best candidate for the job, if I don't get it, I know for sure it's because of my acne. Acne, if you were a person, I would kill you in an instant and I would not have any remorse. I'm breaking out right now at my worst, i'm on differin, and I don't think it's strong enough but since I cannot afford accutane, this is what I'm left to deal with. Life is never fair but acne is the worse kind of disease out there. At least with AIDS or cancer, it could kill you but acne wont, it would make you live a horrible life, why can't somebody cure acne? I wish I were smart enough to cure acne, I wouldn't care for making money, just to cure everybody who has acne. Occasionally I would run into a person with worse or similar case of acne to mines and I feel so bad for them as well. I don't know what to do...

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