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Scars look worse since stopped using Eucerin Skin Renewal

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I have some pitted scars on my cheeks, and several other areas on my face. Ever since I started using Eucerin Skin Renewal about a year ago, my face seemed very smooth and made the scars a lot less visible, to the point that I wasn't self conscious at all about them. I have been using Aveeno Ultra Calming mosturizer for about a month, and at first I liked it. It does go on very easily, doesn't clamp at all, and does a prety good job for mosturizing. But after few weeks from stoping the Eucerin, my scars have gotten worse. I think it must be because theres no lactic acid in the Aveeno. Anyone have any good alternatives? I have ordered 3 bottles of the Eucerin 5% that they use in the UK, but I have no idea how long it will take to get here, seeing as the package has to go through customs and etc. Any advice? thanks

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I reccomend lac-hydrin five. I found it at walgreen's. It has the lactic acid and isn't greasy. I know other people that have tried it have liked it too.

Second that, the Lac-Hydrin should tide you through quite well.

I agree!

If your skin did well with Eucerin Skin Renewal, it should love Lac-Hydrin Five. It has 5% lactic acid in it, non-greasy and very hydrating! It is at Walgreens and also drugstore.com

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i like lac-hydrin as well...although i cant compare it to eucerin--i never used it--i like lac-hydrin a lot.

ps: did eucerin skin renewal have lactic acid or another aha?

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Thanks for your replys. Before I read all the responses, I did a search and found a few people recommending Lac-hydratin five. I ordered it it from Drugstore.com with 2 day shipping, total was $27. I didn't even know it was available at Walgreens until I read these responses..Oh well.

I have used it for 3 days now, and I am really suprised that my scars are back to normal. Seem very flat and barely noticible. I think the lactic acid in this might be a little bit stronger as I dont recall the Eucerin Skin Renewal have a burning type feeling to it, but that should go away after a couple of days I suppose. Overall I like it. Although one thing I do like more about the Aveeno Ultra Calming is that it would take care of any redness. My skin would have a even color to it, not little red marks were there are scars. Does anyone alternate what they use? I am thinking of trying the LAC-HYDRIN FIVE at night so it can even out my skin, then use the Aveeno Ultra Calming at daytime so the color of my face looks more even.

yes, Eucerin Renewal had lactic acid in it. ^

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