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casey mcdermott

pre-menstrual breakouts

I never have broken out badly before my period in the past but for pretty much the past year, I break out HORRIBLY all week the week before it starts, as well as throughout my period.

my skin is relatively clear aside from that-- but during this time I get cysts ALL over my chin, and just random pimples and breakouts everywere. it takes over a week just to heal up and it's so frustrating.

my question is, what can I do to prevent this?? I've tried birth control but it made me break out in a weird way-- like my pores felt clogged all the time.

here is my current regimen:


wash with paula's choice facewash, use moisturizer or bp gel where needed, apply makeup


wash with paula's choice facewash

apply paula's choice 2% BHA liquid

apply dan's BP gel

apply paula's choice moisturizer.

any suggestions?

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There were a couple of discussion threads that suggested that taking Aleve during PMS week helps to reduce menstrual related acne flares (there was a researc study that found this to be effective). I have recently had PMS related flares, so I am going to try this next time myself. Also, I plan to bump up the strength of the BP that I use during the week prior to PMS - I am hoping that between the Aleve and the 10% BP, that things will go smoother next month!!

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