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Well since school started (last tuesday) I have been drinking more tea than water. I am an AVID water drinker and because of my program (Holistic Health Practitioner) and where I work (a health food store) I have easy access to tea and filtered water. Anyway I am wondering if anyone has had a situation where they found the more tea they drank the better their skin. I still get the occasional zits but my main problem now is acne scars and red marks and I have noticed that after the last week of drinking LOTS of tea (honeybush, ceylon, and violet) the skin on my face has 'plumped' up so that I can hardly see any indentations from the scars at all. Has this happened to anyone before?

I also want to let people in this forum know that in my herbology class my teacher has mentioned many times about violet (many varieties but the genus is Viola) helping with many skin conditions. So far I have found that the tea has helped a bit. Just google violet or sweet violet for any info but it has been used for hundreds of years both internally and externally for skin conditions such as acne,eczema, psoriasis, etc. In class we get to choose what herbs we want to make into extracts and I guess you can bet what is going to be in mine! lol

Hope this helps,


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LOL It's derfinately good. It almost looks like I have had injections but without all the redness...I notice that the redness is alot less as well so it makes me think that something has to be working on the inflammation. Maybe its the violet? Meh, whatever it is I will stick to it!

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