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whats a papules, pustule, and cryst. i never new that there were so many types of pimples i usually get whiteheads but i have these big bumps on my forehead and i just wanna find out what it is

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Well, this is a bit more info than you asked for, but hopefully it can clear up some general confusion on acne definitions.

OK, first there are the comedones - blackheads and whiteheads. These are small, non-inflamed plugs in the pores composed of shed skin cells, sebum, and keratin. What most people call a "whitehead" is actually a pustule. A real whitehead is just like a blackhead except the top layer hasn't oxidized to that dark color. The widespread small bumps that many people on this forum call "milia" are not actually milia, they are whiteheads. Milia are like tiny epidermal cysts, especially common around the thin skin around the eyes. The difference is that whiteheads occur in a pore and can be relatively easily non-surgically extracted since there is an opening to the skin's surface. In contrast, milia occur under the skin, not in a pore, and have no route to the surface. They must be surgically extracted to remove them.

When the pores which are clogged with comedones become inflamed, you get papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. A papule is an inflamed red lesion. They are on the smaller side compared to a nodule which is a larger, deep, inflamed lesion. A pustule is basically a papule that has developed a "head" of pus. In the same way, a cyst is a nodule that has developed a head of pus. If i recall correctly, nodules and cysts must be 5mm in diameter or greater to qualify as such. They take a really long time to heal because the infection is so deep and tend to scar because the walls of the pore are often ruptured by the swelling.

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