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Sometimes I want to become a dermatologist myself...

Ive researched soooo much about acne... topicals, antibiotics, diet, health, exercise, scars, laser treatments, peels, makeup... gone through the ups and downs of trial and error... hope and disappointment... and fighting it day by day emotionally and mentally... knowing how it can affect your mind and heart.. how it can hold you back from certain things.....

I see so many other people on here going through the same crapppp and my heart totally breaks. I really REALLY dislike doctors today... man they seriously DONT understand... they "care" but they don't realllly. Same with other people. cuz THEY are not the ones going through it... There needs to be more doctors who have actually experienced acne themselves and gone through it all, so they can offer emotional support as well... in all the "little" things.

thats why I would want to go into medicine. so i could be REAL with my patients and they could be with me. i'd actually CARE how this is affecting their self-esteem, social lives, school, etc, and I'd WANT my patients to tell me all that stuff too...because acne is so much more than blemishes on your face. the psychological and emotional turmoil is even more brutal and that MUST be addressed and acknowledged as a "special case" for EACH person. you don't understand how true that is until you go through it youself.

unfortunately med school is way out of my league... as im in the fine arts stream =P

ah well...

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There are some caring derms now just like you would be but I think

skin problems are incredibly complex even though it doesn't seem

like acne should be hard to cure.

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people people derms because they DO wanna help. I think many just forget why they started in the first place, a part of growing up I guess...

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Yeah when i was first referred to a derm, my doctor told me of these 2 specific ones he liked- sure i called- there was a 5 month waiting period for the 1st and a 4 for the other............couldnt believe it. Of course "i couldnt wait that long" i took the nearest to the end- but i lucked out i believe, she's good.

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