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Pshyllium Husk

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Hey guys, just wanted to know, has anyone seen improvement of their acne by taking fiber???

and if anyone can please break down the pros and cons of taking it.

thanks a lot.

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I've been eating Wild Rice which contains a lot of fiber. When I eat things like Wild Rice, Weetabix, and Shredded Wheat, my skin seems to improve.

Is Pshyllium Husk a supplement or a food? If its high in fiber it will probably help your skin.

*Leon* =D

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Hey Leon! I eat wheetabix too! Its good huh? I was thinking about if it was "actually good" for my skin though because of the organic wheat. I don't think its gluten free is it?

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its that powder they sell at all stores mix it with water...

its basically fiber.

water...yuck. unless its flavored or something i would just barf. i mixed mine with OJ, but then again OJ seems a bit controversial with regards to acne, quite ridiculous id say cuz OJ has been my friend for a long time.

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No change in my acne....been taking it for a month.....but I wasn't taking it for my acne (that's what the 'tane is for)......it was for my poor messed up digestive system......I took antibiotics for a couple weeks for a kidney infection.....and they really messed me up.......I was just using it to help move things along.......which it did just fine.....

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