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weirdest break out ever

Hey guys i had a weird breakout, its never happened like this before except for once when i ate too much salmon.

I dont know what did it but over night 3 huge white heads grew on my face, and i woke up in the morning they were white and pretty big...

2 hours later i go look in the mirror the 3 whiteheads are oozing out with pus and blood, keep in mind my whole enitire face is clear except for those 3 spots...

was this a food reaction? what do you all think?

in a matter of 8 hours or so, they grew huge and oozed and popped by themselves, can anybody explain this?

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Did you eat something in the last few days like lots of suga, dairy, carbs? LAck of sleep, stress?

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Its unusual for them to pop by themselves. If you didn't pop them they should have swollen and slowly healed over a few days. You have to think back to anything you did just before the breakout:

What exactly did you eat - list everything.

Did you wash or apply any products you don't typically use.

Did anything accidentally touch your skin where the breakout occurred - eg splash of oil or dirt.

How much did you drink. Was it soda or anything containing artificial sweetners. Was that unusual.

Did you take any supplements or increase / decrease a regular dose.

Did you stop doing something that is part of your daily regime.

Were you sweating or was the temperature different - higher or lower than normal.

Did you exercise beforehand - did you wash afterward.

Just a few ideas as to what it could be. You know your body best, so its up to you to figure out what the trigger was and avoid it next time.

*Leon* =D

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no clue man everything was normal

i just had chicken ceasar wraps

the next day a few burgers, i think it was the powerade, i had a lot of powerade and french fries it must have been that.

and i had pork....

im pretty sure they popped by themselves bro, trust me.

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Even thought you ate your normal diet you might have consumed something that wasn't properly washed or cooked enough. That's my version.

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