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Hi i am about to start accutane this week i am going to get my blood test tomorow and everytime a doctor gets a needle near me and get all light headed and pass out does anyone else have this problem, if so how do you over come this? Also how long does it take to get your password in the mail so you can start accutane?

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I dont start accutane for another month or so but i of course had to have my blood tests done. I'd never had blood taken before this- ever. ( i never weighed enough to donate). Well to make the long story short, the nurse at the office used too big of a needle and blew out my vain. ([email protected]#!) I didnt think i was going to be able to drive home since i felt like i was on the verge of passing out. It was so bruised the next day! They recommended me to a place called Lab Quest which is just for lab work and insurance covers it because it is corresponded to the derm office and other hospital centers in the area. Anyways, this place was MUCH better since they deal with little kids ie. have smaller needles- i had blood taken from my other arm and it was 1000xbetter.

Advice- EAT something before that is small- like crackers, And drink orange juice after your visit.

DO NOT LOOK while they're doing it, try to keep a covo going to the nurse/person taking the blood- odd while you're looking the other way but it helps SO SO much.

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Oh god, don't tell him/her bloodletting horror stories about blown veins! Sheesh.

I agree, the best solution is - don't look at the needle or the blood. That is suprisingly effective. Warn the person taking blood that you get lightheaded in case you faint, and then just stare out into space, taking deep regular breaths and thinking happy thoughts until it's over. Ask the technician to give you a count of three so that you don't jerk from the needleprick. By the time you are done with your course you will probably be over your needle phobia. :P

It's best to go to a lab that draws a lot of blood, because it's something of an art form. You don't want someone who isn't well-practiced taking your blood, it can take them too many tries and bruise a lot.

EAT something before that is small- like crackers,

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yea my first blood tes for accutane i fainted. i never had a fear of needles or anything, but i watched her stick it in and kept watching the blood flood into the tube. i got really dizzy then colapsed. everytime after that i made sure to lay down while gettin blood drawn.

ohh horror stories about burst veins. listen to the nurse when she tells you not to workout for 24 hours after gettin blood taken.

i went and did a heavy bicep workout right after gettin my blood test

not a prety sight

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