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Back acne dissapears with tanning

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Hey all,

Im new to this forum and have struggled with acne for years. As I've gottne older most of my acne has pretty much dissapeared. However I still do have mild to moderate acne on my back, mostly in the lower back area. By far the best solution for me is lay out and sun tan all day. This clears up my bacne 100%. No scars, red marks, or anything after a day or two. Even the random acne on my thighs or arms dissapears. The bad thing though is that it slowly comes back after a week or so. The problem is that I go to school full time and work full time, and really dont have time for suntanning. Not to mention the weather is going to get colder soon. I was wondering if perhaps a tanning lotion has the same effect on anyone as suntanning? Or maybe even going tanning(*shudder*). I would be willing to do it though if it worked. Its pretty embaressing sometimes to take of my shirt when I have bacne, and I love not wearing a shirt! So any input would be appreciated. Currently Im not using any medication or creams whatsoever.



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It isnt worth it if it comes back within a week as opposed to skin cancer. It isnt an effective treatment at all. The temporary color just diminshes the zits and maybe dries up the ones that are almost healed.

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Hi everybody.I would have to agree with ImOily. Tanning might work temporarily but it really does not help that much. It really is not worth it in the end.


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