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update on my skin.

Well, for some reason i cannot get into my site to update and i have had a few pms requesting an update, so ill do it on here for now untill i can sort my site out.

For my updates till now go to www.geocities.com/isolagen_acnescars

Ok so its nearly 5 months since my first isolagen injection and nearly 4 since my final injection. I had one round of subcision in between the two treatments.

On the 23rd June i had my first (and I have decided, last) round of tca cross. (I did not like the worry, upredictability and then finally the results ...and the length of time it has taken, still taking, for the red marks to go. So for me it isnt worth it. Of course, it has worked miracles for others)

I am still not 100% happy with my skin, but im closer.

Next I wish to have some fillers for cosmetic reasons not to fill out scars. Later I may have fraxel. Im not sure yet which route to take yet.

At present im using copper peptides, retin-a and emu oil. Eating a healthy (for the most part :P) diet and taking a cocktail of vitamins which includes at least 1000mg of vit c a day.

I gave up smoking several months prior to having my biopsy for isolagen and havent smoked since. Smoking kills collagen and reduces the bodies ability to heal. I wasnt really thinking about my lungs or cancer so much as i didnt want to kill off those little fiboblasts working their asses off (although i dont think they have asses....) to repair my skin.

Here are the updates taken on a new camera i got (v unhappy with the picture quality it takes, and its slightly out of focus..but they all seemed to turn out that way. Dont know if im working it wrong or i should just return it for something better..but best i can do for now, sorry. Ill post a better photo if i can get one).


IPB Image


IPB ImageIPB Image

God, its horrible seeing urself that big on a screen. No wonder actors are sweating seeing themselves in high definition!

Well its hard to tell because the camera quality on my old cam seems to have been much better. This is def out of focus and thats v frustrating. It looks to me like all of my marks on my face are still there, just slightly softer. Like I said..def still a way to go yet. :(

Some days im in tears over my skin again, but then other days i catch myself in better lighting and my skin looks much improved where i have to do a double take, thinking i have no scars.

I still hope for a scar free future.

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Hey, thanks for sharing your pics! I think your scars are softer, however the lighting isn't the same so hard to really see, but since you observe it to be better I'm sure they are since we are our worst critics! I really thought isolagen would have produced more dramatic results though, that is alot of money to dole out! It seems like pretty much all treatments just soften scars, especially rolling ones. I think the more dramatic results are really only seen with the very severe cases. I do think that saline micro injections can make more dramatic results with the shallow scars however there is that risk. I will be curious to see some before and afters from Dan T when he gets his final results. It is still hard for me to believe that fixing up our scars is so difficult when so many advances have been made in all other areas of cosmetic procedures!

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It's so hard to tell, because your more recent pics are so fuzzy and the lighting is so off. The first picture quality is fantastic! I THINK I see a lot of improvement in the scars on the sides of your face. I'm CERTAIN there MUST be at least SOME improvement considering your treatment history. You know what we need to do? Take some kind of plaster cast of our faces. That would give good solid evidence of improvement or lack of improvement!

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