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Weight gain

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I know this doesn't have anything to do with acne but was wondering if someone could help.

i'm a 25 year old female - short probably 5"2 or something and i weigh 95 pounds. My highest weight was in the winter when i was vacationing in the states and i probably was 10 pounds more. I'm usually around 100 pounds. I know some people would kill to have those numbers but its really not that much fun. i'm not anorexic - i do eat what i want when i want but i cant seem to gain weight. this is the skinniest ive been in a long time and it scares me a bit. the thing is for the past week and a half i havent had an appetite - i just dont feel like eating and if i do its really a small amount. i was thinking of maybe starting protein shakes or something - i need to be at least 100 pounds.

any suggestions?


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Hi Tali,

I know what you mean because I've lost weight on my new acne free diet as well and I hate it. I do not want to lose any more because I already feel I weigh too little. I do yoga and pilates regularly and always had good lean muscle. I lost about 10 lbs and it affects my strength and muscle mass :| . People always say I'm "lucky", I can eat a lot and not gain weight but I really would love to gain 10 lbs back but it's soooo hard. Basically with my body I need to consume LARGE amounts of high GI carbohydrates to maintain or gain a bit of weight but that breaks me out. So I've been drinking a lot of avocado shakes, they aren't too tastey in shake form but they do have a lot of healthy fat. I've also been eating a lot of lentils. I make sure I eat a big breakfast in the morning. I try to eat frequently so I make a large amount of stir fry and eat it throughout the day. I also eat a lot of crackers with natural sugar free jam thorughout the day. I've found unsalted crackers don't cause a problem for my skin. I'm still working on it. I've only gained back TWO lbs which ...well...its nothing...but its something if that makes sense. It's sooooo hard for my body to gain weight.

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I have the same problem. i have to eat the entire contents of the fridge to stay this skinny. If I don't then I lose pounds in days. Its getting beyond a joke. I eat like a mad woman! I tried protein shakes and working out at the gym, but nothing has really helped.

If anyone has any suggestions we would really appreciate it.

I don't think people realise how hard it is to be skinny sometimes, and we feel as desperate as a fat person who wanted to lose weight would feel. I know a lot of people would say "i would kill for your figure" but we are not happy, and it is a constant struggle to keep the pounds on. We deserve as much help as overweight people. But we just get overlooked.

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I found out that I gain weight really fast when I don't eat. If on two consecutive days I fall under 1200 calories per day, I am usually up like 4 or 5 pounds - but I feel really, really tired. I would not recommend it to you to starve yourself. Maybe you can gain weight if you find some muscle building routine (Gilad on Fit TV is not bad, kinda hard though) and then drink those protein shakes (Kashi Go Lean has one). Good luck with the gaining!!

PS - avoid cardio at the gym, do weight training.

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Do what Rali said, if your at a gym avoid cardio and do weight training. Work on cardio seldomly. If you have a job or play sports were your very active your not going to need anymore cardio. I know alot of women are afraid of getting bulky from lifting but you won't, you will gain muscle lose fat, look more toned and be all around healthier. Eat lots of pre-packaged chicken fingers too those things made me gain around 10 pounds in 5 weeks. It'll give you something to work-off so your not burning off muscle at the gym. Muscle does weight more than fat too, you will be heavier but around the same size and more toned :D

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