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I just bought the oxygen pen and its charging now. I'm just wondering who has had success with high frequency light treatments? The ozone treatment as i have heard it being called.

I know heartless has had success with it, subject to correct usage (not overusing it and overstimulating oil galnds)

Anyone else?

I found these success stories:




MAKEUP ALLEY REVIEWS: (All reviewers gave the dermawand 5 stars out of 5)

I simply love this facial tool. Started using it about a week ago and doing it daily and I must say it does exactly what it is suppose to do. My facial lines are greatly deminishing especially the forehead and the nasolabial folds. I use my favorite skincare line and it makes it work so much better! My face has that uplift appearance and the eye area is also lifted. This thing is AMAZING! I bought this with the notion to try somthing new and see how this works knowing that I can return it and get a refund. WELL--I am keeping this!! It is easy to hold on to and really not that time consuming or hard to use like other facial gadgets that I have bought in the past. None of you ladies (or MEN) will be disappointed. HTH!! By the way, I am in my mid 50's and have been mistaken to look like thirty something--so I must be doing something right!!

by Meisje on 7/24/2006 11:25:00 AM more reviews by Meisje

I had a beautician who used to zap my spots with an oxygen thing then I saw this advertised on the Shopping Channel and I wanted one so badly … until I saw the price. I’d bought an at-home electrolysis machine before that was a waste of money so I was nervous but this proved all my fears wrong. It’s the at-home version of the beautician’s tool and it works! It seems expensive but compared to all the expensive creams and lotions that do nothing, it’s a bargain. I’ve had mine for a few years and it shows no signs of wear and tear. It’s great for pepping up my skin when my skin is looking dull and lifeless and is fantastic for spots. I smooth it over my face generally and hold it away from skin over spots and it kind of “zaps� them. I travel a lot and my skin often breaks out when I’m on the road but it’s small and compact so I always take it with me. It’s really easy to use and is particularly effective when I smooth some Darphin Niaouli oil over my skin first. If it ever broke I’d buy one again without hesitating for a moment. OMG … I’m starting to sound like the Shopping Channel!

by mm2015 on 1/16/2006 9:47:00 AM more reviews by mm2015

I've had this for a while now (almost a year) and I've hesitated about writing a review for it since I wasn't sure it was really doing anything. Anyway, long story short, my skin has been looking "eh" lately. Not bad, it just looks tired (probably due to the winter weather) and that glow that everyone obsessed with skincare is constantly trying to achieve wasn't there. Anyway, I tried switching my products around a bit (upping my glycolics and microdermabrasion) and that didn't really help either. I tried switching my foundations around (going from MMU to liquids). Nope not that either. So today, I just applied my regular serum (the one I always use), then for the heck of it, I used the Dermawand (OxyLight) for about 3 minutes. Applied my normal moisturizer, applied my normal makeup. Guess what? My skin glows! It doesn't look tired anymore. It looks the way I want it. Since I've done this routine (minus the Dermawand) without any change to my skin, I can only conclude that the Dermawand is responsible. Anyway, I thought it wasn't doing something but maybe there is something to the Dermawand after all!

P.S This can be a bit drying if used everyday so be sure to moisturize. Also I try not to use both a glycolic and the Oxylight at the same time because then it's really drying!

Edited 4/1/06:

At first, I didn't think this did much with respect to zapping zits but I found out that if you hold the wand a little away from your skin so it's not touching the skin but still close enough that it's "activated", that if you turn it up as high as you can stand and kind of hold it to the zit for about 30 seconds, this does work really well in zapping the zit. I had a few a couple of days ago and I tried this method and the next morning, they were totally flat and barely noticable. Pressing the wand tip directly onto the zit does not work to zap the zit at all, you HAVE to hold it bit away. Strange but hey, whatever works!

by keellly on 1/15/2006 1:51:00 AM more reviews by keellly

i bought my dermawand from the shopping channel for over $100CAD. even though it's a bit expensive it's a really good investment. i have hormonal cystic acne, oily sensitive skin. when i start to have cystic acne, when it starts to hurt underneath but hasn't come to the surface yet, i use the dermawand 2-3x/day & do this for about 2 days or so, the acne doesn't come to surface, but if the acne is already surfaced, then it's too late. it works best to catch it early. basically, this works! but it does take some dedication, the best results are from using it more than once a day on acne. i also use it for puffy eyes on the lowest setting & do notice decreased puffiness. the infomercial states you can use it on thinning hair, i have yet to try that. haven't noticed much for lessening my pores althought the booklet says it should help w/ that too. the tool has a 1-9 setting that is pretty handy too. i will definately rebuy, but hopefully this won't break or shortcircuit or anything like that. the booklet also mentions not to use glycolics or any other thing harsh on the skin, but i don't think my skin will be as good if i just use this by itself.

by zoltan on 1/8/2006 5:38:00 PM more reviews by zoltan

Def. my HG product! I've used my dermawand daily for several years now -- I wouldn't be without it. When I don't use it (usu. during business travel) my skin really shows it. I think this is the single item responsible for reducing flareups on my congested chin. My dermawand treatment is the therapeutic start to my day.

by manhokwok on 10/1/2005 3:32:00 PM more reviews by manhokwok

I love this so much I have two- one for backup in case one breaks down! I have used the derma wand for about three years every day once a day- usually for about five minutes or so. I feel if has helped to keep the collegen in my skin firm and keep the new skin renewing. also it helps the serums and creams go deeper down into my skin layers. I tried the oxylight and returned it as it was harder to hold on to than the original shape and also the intensity was not as good even on the high setting. So if anyone is selling the original derma wand I would recommend you buy that over the Oxylight. Why they would change something that already works if beyond me- I am 50 and I know this has kept my skin from aging as fast- and keeps my pores smooth as glass. It is a definite keeper!

This keeps my skin clear and rosey. I love how it evens out skin tone to an even pigment. I use it daily but after 2 years I've not relaly seen too much in softening any fine lines. It does help moisturizer or product sink in deeper which plumps up skin and temporairly smoots the lines. It can dry out my skin but I'm oily so I skip soaking in moisturizer and apply exfoilating toners instead. I've noticed my exfoilating acids are more concentrated after dermawand. However, if you have any capillaries or tiney veins I'd suggest not going over them because it will make it worse. Stay away from thin skin by your eyes, nose and such if this is a concern. This wand definately boosts whatever my other products are targeting...a great buy!

by Rhiannan on 8/29/2004 3:43:00 AM more reviews by Rhiannan

I've had my Dermawand for about 3 years now.I love the way my skin feels when I use it,& the oxygenating fragrance you get when it touches your skin.It really does remind me of the clean scent left behind outdoors following a rain storm.I try to use it about 4 times a week.Sometimes I just get lazy & skip it.Though lately I've been trying to incorporate it each day.I use it right after I cleanse (just a cursory once over),just to prep the skin prior to using a facial mask and/or moisturizer.Once I apply eye cream & moisturizer I use it again,for a longer period of time - about 5 mins.The nice thing about this tool is, it can be used anywhere on your body, not just your face.Whereas muscle stimulating facial tools can only be used on your face.I do notice a difference.My skin is toned & not slack anywhere,& the texture is so rosy,fresh,& clean afterward you kind of get addicted to it!I think it's a great buy personally.I mean anything that's portable & quick that can be used to augment the texture & tone of the skin to me is a big plus.It wakes up the youthfulness of your complexion, & is a handy tool to have around when you have a pesky blemish.Just spend a few extra seconds going over that area in a circular motion - barely touching the skin so that you feel the tingling - & by the next morning you're laughing.That blemish is now virtually gone.Marvelous!!! I really love my Dermawand & am so glad I invested in it. TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!

by Xepera on 8/4/2004 3:56:00 AM more reviews by Xepera

This is so good for anyone with combo/oily skin prone to brakeout.

I use it every morning and night when in my PMS to reduce brakeout and it works!

It does a marvelous job at reducing under eyes puffiness, and absolutely great product.

I does make the skin look better overall, even reduce fine lines!!

I have the professional version "Oxylight" from Dermawand which is the same thing but in black instead of white and with an easy to hold shape instead of strait as the Dermawand. It 's marketed as having better electricity conduction but after talking to someone at Dermawand I was told that it's the same for the exception of the mentions above.

A must have cosmetic/esthetic tool!

by Lipglossdoll on 7/17/2002 5:57:00 PM more reviews by Lipglossdoll

I love this product! I have had it for a few years, it is a condensed version of an oxygenated and purifying wand they use when you get facials in some salons. You can use it after you cleanse and dry your skin for a few seconds to deep cleanse your skin, and then for a few minutes after you have applied your moisturizers to help them sink in. This wand is supposed to tone up your skin, unlike muscle toning machines for your face which just do your muscles underneath your skin. Great product. They have a website, www.dermawand.com, or you can buy it of of the shopping channels I believe.

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I have the dermawand cause i live here in Canada. Its awesome. I dont use it everyday which is bad and I am just getting bad into the habit of using it everyday. It zaps pimples great, esp if its already a bump, you go over the pimple like 30 sec and its practically gone the next day. It even outs the complexion and its worth the 120.00 I paid for it.

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when you run it over your face, do you touch the face with the bulb or do you leave a tiny gap between bulb and skin? It says leave a tiny gap when targeting blemishes but i can't hear any 'crackling' when i do this so i don't feel as if its working...any input would be great i'm still getting used to this gizmo.

i picked up the oxygen pen from boots - its on clearance at the moment reduced from £50 to £24.99!

(also do you use any acne meds before treatments because it tells you not to in the booklet i've got)

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this is the third day of using it, and i think it is doing some good. My skin looks healthier and smoother where i treated it with the O2 pen. I had these red marks on my nose from recently passed breakouts and i think the o2 pen has helped fade them cos they are no longer very visible at all. I wouldn't say it kills a spot and makes it disappear without a trace, but it definitely speeds up the cycle of the spot and reduces its size. That is, they come to a head quicker and seem to heal quicker.

But it really is too early to judge the overall efficiency of this product. I'll report back in a week (but i've got a feeling they will have sold out on the boots site by then)

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I just got a handheld high frequency device and used it today for the first time.

I like it a lot. it is jut like the one my esthetician used.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

It seems to help zits immediately flatten and decrease swelling.

I like the slight flush of circulation.

I have only used it on the super lowest setting, but mine doesn't have any marks on the dial, so I will have to put some on with a sharpie or something for a reference as I get used to it and use higher settings.

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This thread looks good. I'm looking into buying the Dermawand hopefully that helps my skin more

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