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Aloe vera plant vs Aloe vera gel

I would assume that the plant is better. The plant's natural gel hasn't been processed and preservatives added. So IMO the plan would def. have more beneficial properties. I know as a kid, my father had an aloe plant and whenever we got a burn or but he would break a piece of the plant off and put the gel on our cut/burn.

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Guest buttonit

aloe vera dosent help with red marks, its just for burns.

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It helps with my red marks. I would use a plant, but I usually use the bottle because I'm at the office or out or something.

If you go with the bottle, make sure it's clear and 98% or more aloe

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How more effective is the plant than the gel? Is it a noticible different?

I remember having the same dilema some time ago. I wanted to give aloe vera a try and I wasn't sure which one was better. Through some research this is what I found:


Advantages: it's natural, it may have other properties not found in processed forms.

Disadvantages: It may carry bacteria or fertilizer traces wich may worsen your condition or give you additional problems. Some people have developed rash or allergies when in contact with the green stuff.


Advantages: sanitized,easy to use

Disadvantages: preservatives and additives. May not be as strong as the natural form. It may have other products that can irritate your skin such as alcochol.

This is my personal experience:

I've used the plant and gel ( at different periods) and unfortunately I had no succes with niether one of them.

The plant seemed to be doing an excellent job at the begining but at the same time it gave me HUGE and NASTY pimples. I was so scarred because I had never had that kind of pimples in my life. Thank God they didn't form scars. The gel form on the other hand ( I used fruit of the earth) started irritating my skin so bad that it looked 10 X redder and worse. It also itched a lot that could have made me scratch my skin with a sharp machette.

Again, that was my personal experience and I don't want to understimate the powers of aloe vera (plant or gel form) Some people on this board have obtained good results. I wasn't that lucky but I'm very happy for them.

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