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Acne Before Puberty

Hello. I'm 20 now but I got acne in grade 3 some time after I had the chicken pox and puberty came 3 years after that in grade 6. I did a search here and on google of "acne before puberty" and the very few things I could find were things saying acne does not occur before puberty and I think one person on here saying it happened to them in an old post. Also a site saying that acne occuring before puberty means there is more likelihood that the person will have severe acne later on but it has been the exact opposite for me.

I thought my acne was pretty bad when I was younger (because no one else my age had it or knew what it was in elementary school) but I'd say that these past few years it had been reducing (and also moving from one spot to another down my face) and in the past year it has been the best it ever has with no more than maybe 1-10 active pimples at a time. I'm a girl and I've never noticed any connection between my acne and periods or foods I eat and the few/several months I was on a birth control pill I never noticed any change in it either.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about acne before puberty since it seems rare apparently?

Thank you :redface:

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Well I had a friend who was getting acne at around age 9, but she developed early too (was getting breasts already etc..) & ended up starting her period at the young age of 10. By the time she was in her mid teens her skin was clear too.... Kinda like her body was ahead of most everyone else.

Maybe you began puberty really young & that was a first sign? I have no idea! That's all that I know about it :D

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