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Retin-A Micro (.04%) and Doxycycline

Well I just felt the need to start keeping a journal. I've been on Doxy since Late May 2006, and that cleared all my cystic acne. I was clear for about a month when I went to a dermatoligist (first time ever to a derm) to see what can be done about the red marks left over. He examined my forehead (only place I get acne), and said, "Cystic acne huh?" I laughed and said yeah, but thankfully it's gone. If I only knew. Anyways he prescribed me on Retin-A Micro (.04%), and told me to apply it once every three days and nothing more than that. He also said to wait 2-3 months before I see full results.

Well needless to say I didn't listen to the "once every 3 days" part, and put retin-a every day for two weeks in a row. My derm appointment was on August 24. I ended up breaking out really bad. I mean whiteheads, and pustules all over my forehead. On the plus side, some of my red marks have faded or disappeared. Only problem is I now have 10-15 pustules replacing them. I'm hoping they don't leave a mark, but next time I'm listening to doctor's orders, and not over applying medicine.

And I've started to only apply retin-a once every three days now. I'll keep everyone posted. Maybe I'll add pictures too if I build up the confidence. That's another issue though for another day.

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Good luck with the regimen. A lot of people seem to make that same mistake with retinoids. The gradual approach is definitely better!!

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