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Hi everyone,

My name is Kim and I've been a lurker to the boards for the last week but never posted yet. I am 24 years old and have been battling with acne since the age of 13. You have no idea how happy I was to come across this board and see so many friendly and informative posts!

I hope this question wasn't alread posted since I did a search and couldn't find any information on it. I went to the pharmacist today to pick up a prescription and noticed a leaflet for a new product in Canada called Dermatix Si Gel. They claim it's good for scars resulting from trauma, burns, surgery, acne, poster laser erythema (redness), various types of dermatitis, insect bites, etc. Does anyone here have any good/bad comments on this product?

Most of my scars are indented and I have a great deal of redness on my face. I will try to take pictures to post later for people to get a better idea. But let's just say I have a lot of scars but the redness is my biggest concern (all over).

Thank you to everyone in advance. I hope to get to know everyone better.


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Hi Bruce,

I haven't purchased any Dermatix yet because it's kind of expensive and I wanted to do some research first. Could you let me know how it works for you? smile.gif


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